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When you are presented an easier way to achieve a goal its first nature to automatically be interested correct? When you feel overwhelmed with a task and the saying “you did your best” doesn’t apply to you its safe to say that most people would do anything they can to succeed. Maybe as a child you were instructed by your p.e. teacher to run two timed laps but you found a way to cheat and you only ran one. Imagine having to live up to the expectations of signing a multimillion dollar contract most people would do anything legal or not to make sure that they are not considered failures. It’s considered human instinct to cheat or to take an easy way out when you there is one presented and that ...view middle of the document...

The use of it had gone from just medical purposes as World Leaders like Adolph Hitler discovered that the drug may give them an edge in battle. After WWII steroids found a way back on the map but for athletic purposes (Walker 15).
In the early 1950’s, athletes began to use steroids in hopes of better performance. Many countries took pride in the usage of steroids as it brought Olympic titles and worldwide attention. One of the earliest documented uses of steroids athletically was in 1952 when the Soviet Olympic wrestling team had used steroids just before the World Weightlifting Championship of 1954 in which the Soviets crushed the competition. (Voy, 7)
After the competition, Dr. John Zeigler, a team physician asked a Soviet doctor how they had managed to perform so well. According to reports, the athletes had taken high levels of testosterone. When the team U.S.A returned to America Dr. Zeigler experimented with another trainer, Bob Hoffman and found that since they had taken testosterone injections they had gained a huge amount of strength and weight. In 1958 Dr. Zeigler created Dianabol, a steroid that helped his team many win many American Weightlifting competitions (Voy 10).
In America, football players were one of the earliest athletes to abuse the drug. The San Diego Chargers suffered one of their worst seasons ever as a franchise in 1962 when they finished the season with ten losses and only four wins. During the off season, the San Diego Chargers coaching and medical staff reportedly demanded that their players must incorporate Dianabol into their diets and exercise routines. If they refused to, players were subject to fines and suspension for going against club order. During the 1963 N.F.L. season the team won a remarkable eleven games and only suffered three losses compared to 10 the last season. The improvements of teams that began using steroids pushed other teams to start using it. “Roid” interest branched to many if not all competitive sports in America (Yesalis 56).
The destruction that steroids can cause became forefront news in July 13, 1967 when Olympic cyclist Tommy Simpson died during his race in the Tour De France. This was the first documented case of a death due to their use. Sports agencies also began to take action against the use of steroids. To prohibit such an event from occurring again, Olympic agencies banned steroids and instituted a drug test policy. Athletes who were convicted on drug use were eliminated from the competition. If they were caught after
they had won, they would be stripped of their medals, their accomplishments would not be considered and they would be banned from ever competing in the Olympics again (Harley 12).
In America, the same approach was taken as in the Olympics. With knowledge of the dangers of steroids, almost all professional sports leagues in America had placed a ban on them by the 1970’s. In 1970, The Food and Drug Administration Act was created in order to better inform the...

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