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An Overview Of Fetishism Essay

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An Overview of Fetishism
Individuals across cultures are diagnosed with all different types of sexual disorders. A sexual disorder is classified as a disorder that involves sexual functioning, desires, or performance (Mosby 2009). These disorders have a huge affect on people because they can affect their own personal social lives. There are many sexual disorders and dysfunctions that individuals suffer from. Along with these disorders, there are many different factors and many treatments that have been used to help these individuals. One specific sexual disorder is Fetishism, which was first explained by Sigmund Freud. Much more research needs to be done to explain this disorder ...view middle of the document...

Also, the fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors cause distress or impairment in important areas of the individual’s life. To add, the fetish objects are not limited to articles of female clothing used for cross-dressing or to devices designed for tactile genital stimulation.
The factors that cause Fetishism are not clearly understood at this point, and require further research to be done. Some psychologists believe that Fetishism is caused by an early childhood object that was closely associated to sexual arousal or pleasure. Another factor that psychologists believe had an effect on this disorder is an object that is closely associated with masturbation in the early adolescent stage of life. Researchers have found some common ground between many individuals that suffer from this sexual disorder. Individuals usually have poor social skills, are usually isolated, and haven’t yet gained much experience with intimacy (“Sexual-,” 2005).
There are few treatments discovered for Fetishism at this point. The earliest treatment discovered was behavior therapy, where the patient received shocks when they saw the object that they had a fetish for. This treatment was not successful for patients. Another treatment that is used is orgasmic reorientation. This treatment attempted to help the patient sexually respond to objects considered socially acceptable stimuli; however this treatment is not very successful. Most individuals that have this sexual disorder do not usually seek treatment and can obtain sexual gratification when appropriate. American society has become more accepting to people that suffer from fetishism (“Fetishism,” 2010).
The prognosis is very unfortunate due to the success rate of current treatments. Most people that are diagnosed with...

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