An Old Soldier Remembers Original Writing

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An Old Soldier Remembers- Original Writing

It’s the 6th of June 2004 and its exactly 60 years since I fought in
D-day I didn’t know at the time until I was reading a newspaper while
taking a break from playing bowls when I saw an article about it this
made me think about all the death and destruction but most of all how
lucky I was to be alive.

I remember that the only reason I joined the army was because it
thought it would be good and the fact that female friends and family
pressured me into it. I lied about my age to get in I was only 17 at
the time I think that the officer knew my real age but the British
army was so desperate for men to join ...view middle of the document...

I raised my head above the water and
sprinted behind a mound of sand from where a explosion had left a
creater. I raised my head to try and plan my next move I saw that the
sand bank with the barbed wire which we had to pass was not so far
away so I ran and dived behind that before the man on the machine gun
could aim at me.

There was me and five other men who made it to the sand bank and that
is out of about 75 so I was very lucky. A man threw me a sniper rifle
and said to try and pick off some of the men manning the machine guns
I thought great I can use some training in combat. I adjusted the
scope on the sniper rifle and aimed at one of the Germans heads I
pulled the trigger and he fell down like the life had been sucked out
of him. Another German manned the machine gun so again I levelled the
gun and shot he went down.

“We’re through” shouted the man cutting the wire I crawled trough the
narrow passage which he had cleared when there was enough room to
stand I ran as fast as I could to the base of the left guard tower I
stood here a while to catch my breath and to reload my gun. There was
me and three other British soldiers who made it but we were stuck
because their as a little army of Germans situated behind a brick wall
that was too awkward to throw a grenade over. We worked out a plan
which was for me to stay put with a sniper and take cover behind a

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