An Ocean Adventure Essay

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An Ocean Adventure
As I watch, the waves from the shore look fun and almost innocent as they crest and then crash over one another. I can taste the salt in the air and watch little rainbows glisten through the prisms of the ocean’s spray. The warm ocean water toward the shore is covered with foam and bubbles from the rumbling waves as children and their families play in the gritty tan colored sand. I think to myself, “This is perfect”.
I make the final preparations on my Yamaha Waverunner. All of the fluid levels check full and there is a faint smell of gasoline mixed with the aromas of salt and fish in the air. I am now ready to brave and jump the mighty ocean waves of South Padre Island! ...view middle of the document...

I navigate my way through the docks until I am in the channel. I can now press the throttle and hang on for a fun ride! While the waves through the exit channel are only half of the size of the ocean’s mighty waves, this gives me time to warm up and get in sync with the powerful 135 horse powered Waverunner. I am now ready to take on the Gulf of Mexico!
I drive out far enough to stay out of the foamy white surf. Suddenly, the ocean begins to crest around me. As I drive into the waves, I am careful to only depress the throttle to a maximum of half power. Any more would be foolish and could cause a wipeout. I approach a wave with a perfect peak and at the ideal time. I gently squeeze the throttle and the loud roar of the engine fills my ears as the power pushes me up to the foamy white crest of the wave.
In an instant, I am no longer floating on the water, but I am soaring like the beautiful white birds through the misty air. In one brief moment, I look down and estimate that I am eight to ten feet in the air for a split second before I begin my descent back to the briny waters. In a flash the back end of the Waverunner sits down into the ocean with the front following in a rocking motion. All around me is a fine spray of the salty water. I have landed!
Salt and sweat mix to run down my face and into my mouth. I swallow some of the brackish mixture as I wipe my face with my hand and then run my hand through my dripping hair to dry it out. I think to myself, “What a...

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