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An Investigation Into Factors Of Affecting Online Shopping Within China On College Students

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1. Project title 1
2. Research Context 1
3. Research aims and objectives 2
3.1 Research Aims 2
3.2 Key research objectives 2
4. Literature review 2
4.1 Advantages of purchasing online 2
4. 2 The characteristics of online shoppers 3
4. 3 Factors of affecting online shopping 3
5. Methodology 5
5.1 Research design 5
5.2 Data sources defined 6
5.3 Data collection methods 7
5.4 Data analysis 7
6. A statement of possible outcomes 8
7. Ethical consideration 8
8. Risk assessment and risk management 9
9. Resource management 9
References 11

1. Project title
An investigation into factors of affecting online shopping within China ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, relevant surveys reveal that 32.3% of internet users are students by the end of 2006. The total amount of students’ online shopping in six months is 3.1 billion which accounts for one quarter of those of non-students by the end of July, 2008. (Su, D. & Huang, X.2011). Meanwhile, the competition between all kinds of e-commerce website is fierce. Constantinides, (2004) suggests that understanding the process of shopping on the internet and the behaviors of cyber purchasers is important for practitioners to be success in the electronic market. More specificaly, Chang and Cheung, (2005); Cao and Mokhtarian, (2005) explain that identifying the factors that affect the behaviours of online shoppers is significant because the data can be beneficial to the improvement of the design of cybershop websites, the development of trans-actions on the internet, and the increase on the number of customers shopping online.

In this research, college students will be chosen as research object because they are the best on behalf of student group. A questionnaire will be conducted as the main research way to find out the influential factors of shopping at the cyberspace within China. In terms of the result of this research, it can be helpful for E-business and offer more accurate guidance for cyber marketing. Therefore, it is essential to research on customers’ characteristic of E-shopping and to identify the main influence elements on that.

3. Research Aim and Research Objectives
3.1 Aim
The aim of this research is to demonstrate the strength of purchasing online and the factors of affecting college students shop through internet within China.

3.2 Objectives:
1. To describe the advantages of shopping through internet.
2.To identify the characteristics of Chinese college consumers’ behavior via shopping in cyberspace.
3. To find out the influencing factors of impact on university students tend to purchase through internet in China.

4. Literature Review
4.1 Advantages of purchasing online
Compared to real outlets, many studies have revealed that online stores have quite a lot outstanding strengths. Darian (1987) comprehensivly summarized that there are five types of convenience for shopping online:reduction in shopping time, flexibility of shopping time, saving the physical effort of visiting a real store, saving of aggravation, and offering the chance to engage in impulse buying, or directly responding to an advertisement. Hence, Morganosky and Cude (2000) also believe that they are more time saving and moe convenient for customers as these shops are open all day and their owners are often waiting online for 24 hours everyday. Therefore, college students are able to have access to those online stores at any time. Jarvenpaa and Todd (1997) outlined that convenience was the single most salient benefit of the web-based online shopping.

4.2 The characteristics of online shoppers
Some of the characteristics of shopping online...

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