An Inventory Of The Effects Of Using Powerpoint Presentation On Students' Development Of Confidence Philippines Setting

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An Inventory of the Effects of Using PowerPoint Presentation on Student’s Development of Confidence
The Problem and Its Setting
A. Introduction
“Technology can become the “wings” that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before –if we will allow it.” Jenny Arledge. Technology is utilized for the upliftment of modern styles and is also applicable in education; it satisfies both visual and auditory senses of the students. With the spread and development of technology around the world, it has been used and learned by more and more people. Technology era has an effect on today’s youth in terms of supplying digital stimuli and change in their perceptions and ...view middle of the document...

PowerPoint (© Microsoft Corp.) is a widely used presentation programme that originated in the world of business but has now become commonplace in the world of educational technology. And one of the things that is commonly used as an instructional material is the use of a PowerPoint presentation.
A power-point presentation is proved to be most popular with students. Presented in the classroom, the power-point presentations remain up on the net, and offer students the possibility of revisiting the presentations they liked the most, checking up the new vocabulary items presented in the power-point reports, and revising new knowledge on topics interesting for them. That is why technology is increasingly being promulgated as a powerful mechanism which can transform education (Deville, 2001). In some cases, PowerPoint seems to have no effect on student performance (Rankin and Hoaas, 2001), while others found that it enhances performance (Susskind, 2005), and other studies found it had a negative impact (Sosin et al., 2004). Therefore, one aspect of enhancing student performance in any course is the issue of using and releasing PowerPoint and make students' access to PowerPoint presentation.

Review of Related Literature

Microsoft estimates that there are now over 30 million PowerPoint presentations a day and that the software is installed on 250 million computers worldwide (Amare, 2004). Peluchette and Rust (2005) investigated preferences of faculty members for presentation aids to supplement lectures and found that by far the most popular in higher education was the combined use of PowerPoint along with use of a traditional blackboard or whiteboard. PowerPoint has become so popular and so ubiquitous, that it is rapidly replacing traditional presentation tools such as transparencies projected with an overhead projector (Yaworski, 2001).
The wide acceptance of PowerPoint is due to its many advantages. Screens with great complexity and high visual appeal can be produced quickly and easily. Graphics that have been scanned from traditional media or copied from the Internet can be combined with text or other material. The ability to make use of multimedia materials may make it easier for instructors to address different learning preferences and styles (Daniels, 1999).
Further, research suggests that student attention is enhanced if information is presented in more than one modality (Mayer & Anderson, 1992; Mousavi, Low, & Sweller, 1995). In the classroom setting, PowerPoint is often used as a lecture aid for visual support of oral presentations or lectures, and supporters suggest it can help ensure that the main points of a lecture are clearly made. According to Yaworski (2001), PowerPoint helps speakers organize their thoughts and present them in a clear and concise manner while using multi-sensory tactics to hold audience attention.
Not everyone is positive about the use of PowerPoint in education. Chapman (2003) suggests that PowerPoint is...

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