An Indepth Research Paper On Emotional Child Abuse, As Well As A Variety Of Alarming Statistics And A Bibliography,

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Child AbuseAccording to the book Adult Children of Abusive Parents, physical abuse is "any non accidental physical injury, including ones that result in bruises, welts, broken bones, scars, or serious internal injuries." Imagine you are a young eight year old child, you're life is pretty average; you go to school, come home and do homework. Only one thing sets you apart from your classmates, you have bruises to cover up, they don't. Imagine coming home every day, and being beaten with a golf club, a stick, or an extension cord. Imagine begin forced to spend time in a cage, or sleep underneath you parents car, with only a piece of cardboard. Imagine not having enough to eat, or being forced ...view middle of the document...

You can see the marks so people feel sorry for you. With the verbal stuff, it just makes you crazy. The wounds are invisible. Nobody cares. Real bruises heal a hell of a lot faster than insults." In a traditional society we considered the disciplining of a child a private matter, to be decided by the parents. Today we have come to realize the importance of new procedures to deal with the many cases of physical and sexual abuse. The only problem is, even the most concerned authority can't do much about verbal abuse since it is so difficult to detect, and prove.There are different ways a parent can attack a child verbally. The parent(s) could call their child stupid, or ugly. These attacks are open, vicious, and very degrading to the child. The parent(s) may even go as far to say they wish the child hadn't been born. These parents don't know the types of long-term effects this name calling will have on their child. Other verbal abusers will be more indirect. They may use sarcasm, subtle put downs, or teasing. This type of parent hides behind a facade of joking around. Most young children can't distinguish a joke from the truth or a threat from a tease. Imagine you are six years old and your dad says to you, "This child can't be ours, look at his\her face. I'll bet they switched babies on us at the hospital. Why don't we take him\her back and swap him\her for the correct baby." Some may see this as teasing, but that six year old had nightmares that his father was going to drop him\her at the hospital, and not come back. When the child confronted the father about his "teasing" the father simply said he was joking with him\her, and couldn't he\she see that? This child was always being made fun of and put down by his\her father. When the child confronted the father he\she wasn't taken too seriously, and was accused of being inadequate because he "couldn't take a joke."Everyone is guilty of making a joke at someone else's expense. Usually the jokes are harmless, but other times they are damaging. "It is the frequency, the cruelty, and the source of these jokes that make them abusive. It is sadistic and destructive to make repetitive jokes at the expense of a vulnerable child."Another form of attack on a child from the parent(s) is the "I'm saying this for your own good." This is when the parent makes a verbal attack, and then says something like "I'm trying to help you be a better person" or "It's a tough world out there and we're teaching you how to take it." In one a case a twelve year old girl had just finished a dance recital and she thought she did a good job, then her mother came back stage and said, "You danced like a hippo" in front of the whole class. When the young girl was upset all the way home her mother said that she should learn to face criticism. Then she patted her arm, and said, "Let's face it, dear, you don't do anything very well, do you?"Another attack would be the, "I want you to succeed but I know you're going to fail attack." On...

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