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An Eye For An Eye In America

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An Eye for an Eye in America

The death penalty is a form of punishment in the United States that allows the state to execute violent criminals who have given up their right to live by committing murder or other acts that are unforgivable, such as child rape, or mass-murder. Many feel the death penalty is immoral in itself and executing criminals does not bring back those the criminal took from the victims’ families, nor does it bring closer. This may be true, it does not bring those victims back, but it does keep the animals off the streets and out of society for good. The death penalty is a good way to rid society of pedophiles, rapists, and murderers.
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In 2007, a study was done by Professor Roy D. Adler and Professor Michael Summer of Pepperdine University in California that showed between 1979 and 2004 there were 74 fewer murders following an execution. The study was done by comparing the number of executions done nation-wide, along with the number of murders nation-wide. The act of rehabilitation is the only justification that the death penalty does not satisfy because once a criminal is executed they cannot by rehabilitated. (Walkins, 2011)
More people in society feel the death penalty is a good punishment for murder than other forms of punishment. A poll done by shows that as late as 2011 61% of Americans favored the death penalty. This same poll had been done since 1936 and there was only one time in history that people decided against the death penalty, 1966. (Gallup) Thirty-Eight states in the United States have legalized the death penalty, as well as Federal and Military. The remaining twelve states as well as the District of Columbia have outlawed the death penalty. (Pro Death Penalty) Even United States President, Barak Obama, stated in 2006 "While the evidence tells me that the death penalty does little to deter crime, I believe there are some crimes- mass murder, the rape and murder of a child- so heinous, so beyond the pale, that the community is justified in expressing the full measure of its outrage by meting out the ultimate punishment." (2012 Election)
The final reason that the death penalty is good for America, is that punishment for crimes such as murder, rape and/or murder of a child, serial rape, and other acts of pure evil need to be more...

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