An Exploration Of Theme: Love Is Weak

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Love is Weak
When doing a thorough analysis of a play, the first thing you must figure out before anything else is put into proper context, is the theme. The theme, which is an artistic expression that a play represents, is usually depicted in one simple word or phrase such as hate, reformation of policy, and abandonment yet is typically difficult for students to figure out. It’s complexity comes from the mere fact that there may be many themes within a solitary piece of work. Also, choosing a theme is somewhat objective and can be based on someone’s interpretation, that is, if argued with supporting facts from the text. Within The Good Woman of Setzuan, written by German playwright ...view middle of the document...

(Jaggar 189). In this sense, Shen Tu was acting out of emotions which made her easily exploitable to the mass. Instead of using humility or love as a device she should have used knowledge. In her defense she tried, creating her alter-ego to escape her emotions and enter the harshness of the real world.
Some say, the influence of emotion is usually seen only as distorting or impeding observation or knowledge. People in love are notoriously oblivious to many aspects of the situation around them. Shen Te was victim to naiveté, which gave room for the people around her to manipulate her and try to exploit her gain. She understood that love is weak; she understood that her emotions overpowered her conscious knowledge. Not only did she create her male alter-ego to escape patriarchal capitalism, but she created the character to make her weakness subversive and incredulous.
"One weakness is enough, and love is the deadliest,” retorts Shen Te. Women are relatively adept at identifying such emotions, in themselves and others, in part because of their social responsibility for caretaking, including emotional nurturance. “It is true that women, like all subordinate peoples, especially those who must live in close proximity with their masters, often engage in emotional deception and even self-deception as the price of their survival,” says Jagger in her essay. In order to merely survive, Shen Te understood her weakness and how to capitalize on the situation.
Wong is aware that love is a weakness and he reveals this to...

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