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An Exciting Adventure In Nature Essay

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After a five hour journey from Jakarta to the country side, nearly 80 students finally arrived at the remote spot, full of towering and mysterious trees and without knowing what wildlife actually lived in there. All the students were still in-a-fog, recalibrating themselves from sleep on a long drive in the car and feeling surprised out how primitive the place was, where they would spend the next three nights. I was the chief of the Student Government for my major, Information Systems, called HIMSISFO. One of our program was an outdoor orientation for new students to learn how to survive in the wild by using only very basic tools ...view middle of the document...

We were ready for our first activity which was a scavenger hunt in the dark, scary forests, brightened up with only the blanket of stars. The new students, partnered in pairs, needed to follow certain complicated and confusing paths with only one torch, pencil and paper to write down the information they were going to collect from one post to another. Each post had different tasks they needed to complete, and if they passed, they received the clue for the next post. It was all fun and games until something really terrible happened at the end of the night, as we could not find a pair in the labyrinth of the forests and in the darkness of the night. After several hours of searching and panicking, we finally found them scared at the edge of waterfall. “We didn’t see the sign and decided to take another turn but after half way we realized we didn’t see any posts for quite some time anymore”, said the missing pair. After reuniting with the students, we finally came back to the tent area and everybody was fade off to sleep so quickly. It was my turn that night to stay up as the nightly guard and watch the surroundings. I used up three layers of clothes but the air was just too blistering cold, made me shivered in the quiet night.
I woke up with the fog still covering the sky and the sun didn’t show its face yet. We woke the new students up after a short sleep of only four hours to start our hike in total darkness. With only torches for every pair, we got through the piles of tress and hiked the hill up and down. As we tried to get through the trail, I, suddenly heard the thunder clapping and saw the lighting flashing in the sky, which felt really close to us. Not long after that, the rain came down in long knitting needles and showered the earth, soaking us in complete wetness. Fortunately, the dusk was coming up to brighten the earth and gave us the light on our way back to...

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