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An Evaluation Of Counselling Skills Essay

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An Evaluation of the roll of listening skills in effective counselling.

In order to evaluate the roll of listening skills in effective counselling, I will look at how listening skills paraphrasing, asking open questions, clarification and summarising contribute to effective counselling. To do this I will look at how the listening skills are used in the counselling process and if they help or hinder this process, and if it is just the listening skill that is used or if other things are used along side the listening skills,

Effective counselling requires careful review and planning. Because of the personal nature of the counselling relationship between the counsellor and client, ...view middle of the document...

[Ed. D Langdridge. 2008]

Asking open questions is a way to get a fuller more detailed answer from the client and can also help to focus the client on what is troubling them. Open questions usually start with how do, or when would. [Ed. D Langdridge. 2008]

Requesting clarification is used to show the client that you are trying to understand and to try to help the client get a better clarity of their thoughts and feelings. [Ed. D Langdridge. 2008]

Summarising is a skill that can help the client explore different thoughts and feelings whilst away from the counselling session, it can also help the client identify their priorities and concerns and can also help move the client forward if they get stuck in a session. [Ed. D Langdridge. 2008]

The four main listening skills are used in many ways and at times one after another in counselling sessions, but they are also used alongside non verbal communication. This can be a nod of the head, facial expression, the way you are sitting, by hmmming or mmming and also eye contact, all of these also contribute to listening skills and effective counselling, Active listening requires the counsellor to listen to and understand what the client is saying and to do so without pre-judgement or imposing their own ideas. The counsellor should be taking in not only the words but the way in which they are said, the emotions displayed verbally or physically and the context of what is being expressed. This is important to allow the counsellor to explore the client's situation further and also to build the relationship between them, effective listening demonstrates to the client that the counsellor is present with them and interested in what they have to say. This builds trust and allows for more effective communication and counselling because a client who feels listened to and understood is more likely to disclose their deeper feelings and concerns (McLeod. 2008)

When a counsellor uses listening skills they are used within a framework which works in...

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