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An Ethical Dilemma: Carla And Jack

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An Ethical Dilemma: To Tell or Not To Tell
The real problem in this case is an ethical dilemma as whether or not Jack’s action should be taken as stealing since what he did is not immediately harmful to the company. Jack created a conflict of interest with Aker & Aker, when he was denied a partner’s position. He has been working with Aker & Aker for 17 years since after his graduation. Having being denied to receive the partner’s position, Jack did something ethical by using the company’s software for his personal interest. Even worse, Jack knew what he was doing wasn’t right but he kept on doing it anyway because he is preparing to leave with Aker & Aker right after creating his own company.
Being Assigned to Jack, Carla knows what Jack did is not right. After discovering Jack’s ...view middle of the document...

Jack also said that he is planning to put up his own company using the company’s software. Knowing of this information, if I was Carla, I would not talk to the company yet about jack misdeeds. Since I have been assigned to jack, I might have developed a good relationship with him already. Therefore, I will try to get through him first and show him how he is putting his career in jeopardize.
Then, I will remind him that he is been working with Aker & Aker for such a long time that he is certainly a very valuable asset to the company so if he and I can work together to convince them to give him the partner’s position or another promotion then there will be no need to go with his actions. I will remind Jack that if doesn’t stop with his action and Aker & Aker funds out they might take him to court or worse of all fired him, which might affect his retirement benefits. By telling Jack that he might think about his medical condition and see that he really will need his retirement benefits to help him pay for those expenses and much others.
However, if I tried all these strategies to make Jack comes in to his senses and I don’t succeed and he is still continuing with his misdeeds, then I will be forced to take the biggest risk of my life and tell Aker & Aker about Jack’s bad actions. I knew from the start that I don’t want to antagonize my boss and risk bad performance ratings and that I wouldn’t be able to get another job at the same pay if I quit my job; however, I have to do the right thing which is to blow the whistle on my boss. I know well it will be my words against Jack, who had seventeen years of experience with the company; therefore, I will try to hide and record a conversation between him and I where as he admitted that he is stealing the company’s software for his personal gain.

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