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An Essay On Global Warming

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An essay on Global Warning
We can feel that our earth is warming day by day from early childhood to now. The mountains covered with snow that we can see around us are getting naked. Many species have become rare and some have been disappeared from Earth. The sea level is increasing and the seasons are changing i.e. we can feel cold in summer and hot in rainy season. People are suffering from the different incurable diseases. This is all because of the global warming, which is the increase of the average temperature of the atmosphere of the Earth.
One of the causes of globalization is deforestation. In my early age I still remember that there are many trees in and around the Kathmandu valley which can’t be seen now. Similarly the forest in the Terai region of Nepal and over ...view middle of the document...

This nitrogen oxides trap 300 times heat per volume than carbon dioxide, causes the globalization.
The next cause of globalization is increasing population. When the population in the Earth increases the demand of food and housing will also increases. When there is more demand of food and housing people will start destroying the forest to make agriculture land as well as to make house. When the forests are decreased and again the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will increase and makes the temperature of the atmosphere high.
When there is globalization it will affect the life of human beings. With the increase of the temperature of the Earth creates difficult for plants and crops to grow, results the world wide food supplies decrease. The glaciers stats melting and the sea level will increase. Warmer temperatures will also increase evaporation from water which results the increase in cloud foundation and rainfall amounts. The rates of some diseases will increase like malaria.
Seeing these effects of globalization what can you do to control it? The first thing that you can do is to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste products instead of disposing depending upon its nature. By reducing your household waste you can help in the reduction of global warming. Secondly you plant the trees wherever it is needed. Trees help in consuming carbon dioxide and give off oxygen during the photosynthesis process. It is said that the single tree absorbs approximately one tons of carbon dioxide in its whole life time. Not only planting trees is enough but you can also encourage others to conserve the trees. Sharing information with family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and take opportunities to encourage public officials to establish programs and policies that are good for the environment.
Sandesh Thapaliya

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