An Essay On Family Values: The Family's Feud

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Tony Frey
English 2000
February 8, 2010
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The Family’s Feud
It is easy to come across stories in the news about husbands beating wives, robberies and murders in low-income areas. There is evidence that supports that the myth of the people who live in these areas and commit these crimes generally are unhappy, lack proper virtues, and have unhealthy lifestyles in this decade is true. The opposite pattern is true for those living in areas with strong family values. These neighborhoods generally have a happier, healthier, and more morally driven population. People who grow together as a married couple in the 2000’s tend to raise children that grow up to be happy ...view middle of the document...

George Lakoff emphasizes that the “rise in violent crime [is caused by] the corresponding decline in the presence of fathers” (Lakoff 197). Because of the absence of a dad, these children have difficulty forming relationships, maintaining high grades, and avoiding risky behavior: As a result they grow up into unhealthy habits and lifestyles that usually lead them into trouble. For these reasons, children need fathers to grow up in a healthy environment.
People influenced by the nuclear family in this decade promote the wellbeing of society just as those who grow up in dysfunctional families harm it. Glenn Wallach explains that “the actions of the parent are reflected upon the behavior of their offspring” (Wallach 56). This means that children will reflect the behavior of their parents. For example, when a mother and father interact in a positive way toward each other by being kind to one another, the children pick up on it and act the same way to others. Because the parents have such a great influence on their kids, it is important that they compose themselves in a way that is beneficial to the welfare of the community by preventing martial conflicts, avoiding smoking and keeping their homes well put together. According to Rick Santorum, studies have proven that areas that have “broken homes can increase the delinquency in a community by 10 to 15 percent, and the proportion of single-parent households [helps] predict the rate of violent crime and burglary” in a community (Santorum 88). How well put together a house is reflects how much the household is concerned about its environment. An aesthetically pleasing home shows that the household living there care about how others see it. It gives back to the...

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