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An Environmental Issue Essay

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An environmental issue

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Bio means life while diversity means variation in the various aspects of things. Biodiversity entails the extent of variation of forms of life within a given planet or species. The number of plants’ species, microorganisms, the great diversity of species’ genes, animals, the various planets’ ecosystem such as deserts and coral reefs forms part of biodiversity on earth. However politics and power have greatly influenced the shaky balance. There has been a great biodiversity loss since the human race emerged. (Miller, D. A. 2008 p.23)
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This has greatly contributed to biodiversity loss. The sea creatures are thus becoming extinct. . (Miller, D. A. 2008)
The Human Dimension of Diversity
Humans rely on a healthy sustainable environment but have damaged it in many ways. They greatly depend on biodiversity for medicines, spiritual needs, crops and foods and environmental services such as clean air and water. They are major drivers in changes in biological diversity. Various human activities spell doom to biodiversity, this include planting single tree types in place of diverse forests, converting grasslands into agricultural farms and creating fish farms. (Spray, S. L., & McGlothlin, K. L. 2003 p.56)
Humans are domesticating the planet which in turn reduces biodiversity to homogeny. Even if all species still exist but are rounded up in reserves still the impact is the same, homogeneity is replacing biodiversity. Furthermore human population increases rapidly and apart from the fact that humans think of themselves as the only essential part of our planets’ biodiversity, there is increasing demand for food, land, energy and water amongst other resources this negatively impacts on species and their habitats. The human impacts are direct and also indirect as follows:

Over exploitation by humans has led to extinction of almost 99.9% of the previously existent species. The rate of extinction is currently on the rise due to increasing population. Habitat depletion is also an issue majorly due to increased access to islands, and over 39% of the world’s population is currently living within 100km of the coastline which is a threat to the marine life in that there is direct destruction of reefs by boats, fishing nets etc, global warming and pollution of the coastline. Over 50% of the mangrove ecosystem has been destroyed by human activities. (Miller, D. A. 2008)

Women and Biodiversity
Women play a role in biodiversity especially on plant bio-diversity. They know a lot about plants because their most daily works deserves such knowledge. They are the home gardeners and casual breeders of various plants. In their daily agricultural work they find out a lot of new things on how to boost the productivity of their firms. Their focus shifts to fast growing products which may be harmful in the long run. This makes existing plants reach in important nutrients extinct. (Spray, S. L., & McGlothlin, K. L. 2003 p.123)
The small family circle live stocks at our homes are reared by women. They gather more modern information on breeding them to get productive breeds. For example in poultry farming new types of hens have been bred causing others to be extinct.
The rural to urban migration have left many women alone in the farms and thus great influence on plant and animal diversity relies on them. Most men move to urban areas to look for jobs....

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