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An Effective Teacher Essay

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An Effective Teacher

“Good teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more”, just like the words imparted to me by one of the best teacher I’ve evr met where she says that “doctors can kill a person, a lawyer can cost one’s freedom but a teacher can destroy a nation”. Those very words are like fuel that triggers the passion burning within my heart. Teaching is never been an easy job but it is indeed a very significant and noble job. Teachers build ones nation.
“Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means”, this saying is being proven by my very own professor in this subject in which she says that “teachers must do what they teach”. An effective ...view middle of the document...

You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself that’s why teachers should not only impose students that they need to learn but also inspires them for them to find in their hearts that eagerness to learn.
An effective teacher makes sure that he invites pleasant emotions rather than fear, because fear hinders learning. Teachers should really see theirselves as the second parent of their students so that they could be seen as approachable, caring and loving just like their own parents are.
An effective teacher also knows almost everything, especially in the field that they are teaching. You can never share what you don’t have as well as you can never teach what you did not know. Teachers should be intelligent that’s why they must never cease to learn. An effective teacher never stops learning after they acquire their title as a professional teacher. They need to continue learning for them to meet the needs of the students and to adopt on the continuous changing world.
Most of all the best description of an effective teacher for me is the one who is like a candle, the one who consumes himself to light the way of their students. A teacher who has this characteristic is the one who is willing to put aside his own needs for the sake of his students, who conquers his own self to light and guide the way of his students for them to reach the success and the one who never stops encouraging each student to strive in life. Teachers like this are the ones needed by our world today, the one who touches the heart and leaves an eternal legacy on the lives of each of us.

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