An Educator's Responsibility Essay

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An Educator’s Responsibility
Kena Oguntala
Grand Canyon University
EDU 576 Philosophical and Social Issues in Education

An Educator’s Responsibility
Educators of a school district should serve with honor. As an administrator it is important to discuss with my teachers the balance between the influence of their moral standards, character and freedom of expression. I will also discuss with the teachers that sometimes the line falls regarding their moral standards and freedom of expressions. In this essay, I will include a situation where teacher’s professional life and personal life caused conflict in the school system.
In terms of a teachers moral standards, character and freedom of expression, teachers must stop and think before they ...view middle of the document...

Regarding where the line falls, is easy as knowing what you can discuss around other teachers or in a meeting. Sometimes students will talk about rumors they heard about other students. It is always best to explain to the students that they do not have any facts about what they have heard. Teachers need to let the students know that they would not want someone talking about them. As a teacher, it is best to change the subject by turning their attention to their homework assignment they completed or just by asking them questions about the lessons that was covered the previous day.
A situation that I encountered where a teachers professional life and personal life caused friction occurred with a new teacher at my friend’s school. She was a beautiful young teacher who graduated summa cum laude in her college. Most of her friends were on the football team. This teacher was dating football players at her school. The story of this teacher dating football players made the news headlines. When the students heard the news about what the teacher had done, the students were yelling out her name and saying inappropriate things about her. My friend heard the yelling in the halls and she informed them that it is not nice to talk about someone and yell out inappropriate comments in the halls. The teacher became pregnant by one of the football players. The news distracted her students’ attention from her lessons and ruined her credibility with the students and staff. The teacher was fired and the school system did not press charges. As an educator, we must be careful of what we say and how we conduct ourselves in and out of the classroom in order for teachers to have high moral standards in the classroom and in society.

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