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An Ayalysis Of Madam Bovary's Title Chracter

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Everyone has some mundane aspect of their life they want to escape. Be it at school, work, everyone escapes into some flight of fantasy for a brief respite from everyday tedious happenings. But what if these daydreams took over your life? What would if life grew too dull and one resented the fact that they just couldn't be a character in some grand, sweeping novel? The title character of Madame Bovary not only takes these romantic jaunts into imagination to heart, but her attempts to turn fiction into reality annihilates any chances of having a happy life in the real world. Her irresponsible actions ruin the lives of many people, all for the sake of her pleasure. The downward spiral ...view middle of the document...

During their dancing, Emma's dress gets caught in the Viscount's trousers. Getting a dress hem caught, be it on a chair leg, a door, or even on a French nobleman's pants is something that could happen to anyone woman dancing in a long gown. But Emma's over-blown imagination casts a spell over her, as they stop (presumably to untangle themselves), Emma looks at the Viscount and "a kind of torpor came over her (45)". Now, all the Viscount probably wanted to do was just get untangled and dance. But Emma probably views it as some monumental event, as if the fates themselves had mandated the hemline to get caught behind the Viscount's ankle. After more dancing and more overblown observations by Emma, Charles and his wife thank the marquis and head home. Charles finds a lost cigar case on the ground. After Charles smokes a cigar from the case (and nearly coughs up a lung doing so), Emma fantasizes about the cigar holder. The idea pops into her mind that it is the viscount's, "...a present from his mistress, perhaps? (49)". These overblown, even juvenile escapes from reality will bring Emma into a far worse situation than being married to a country doctor from "Le Boondocks". Later in the book (and the marriage), Emma is trying to make the best of (in her eyes) her dismal situation. She adds little details to her home, such as paper shields for the candles, a glass vase for the mantle, and fancy names for mediocre foods. But Emma is torn because Charles has no ambition, no desire to be a world famous doctor. Emma falls into a despair, so Charles thinks a move to another community is in order, so Charles thinks about Yonville-l"˜Abbaye, a good-sized marked based city who was in need of a physician. In the spring, after there is no discernable improvement in Emma's health, the couple moves. It is Yonville that Emma meets Monsieur Léon Dupuis, a young notary, and someone who is bored to tears in Yonville. Emma and Léon soon develop hidden feelings for each other, and before these feelings can be unleashed, Léon goes to Paris to study law. However, Léon is not a true threat to the Bovary marriage, for Monsieur Rodolphe Boulanger de la Huchette enters the picture. Where Léon was just a kindred spirit sharing romanticism with Emma, Rodolphe is everything Emma wants, he's rich, handsome, he's a character right out of some romance novel. And Roldolphe is certainly interested in Emma, after all she has"...Beautiful teeth, black eyes, dainty feet, and graceful as a Parisian! (113)". Roldolphe has no scruples about taking Emma's heart; he's just worried about where to throw it away when he's done. Roldolphe decides to make his move at the big agricultural fair. Emma shows up with Roldolphe, and over the soft, wafting sound of the announcing of the winner of the medal for best manure, Roldolphe declares his love for Emma. After this, he gallantly leaves her alone...

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