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An Autobiography Of Isaac Chioino Essay

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I was born July 11, 1987 in Reno, Nevada. I currently live in Salinas California. I live at home with my mother and father. My mother's name is Mary Jane and my father's name is John Doe. I live in a two bedroom duplex located where there are no bus stops. I spend most of my time indoors or outdoors when it is dark. I like keeping myself separate from others, knowing that I will not get along with certain people that are around me. I am very intelligent in my own way, and I get myself into a lot of trouble. My name is Isaac Chioino. I live in Salinas, Ca. I am a person who keeps to themselves most of the time and I have a short temper. I have many problems with authority and ...view middle of the document...

That is why today I don't have many friends. Not that long ago I was in Juvenile Hall for stealing over 20 cars. I didn't really mind Juvenile Hall, I made new friends, learned new things, and the food wasn't that bad. It was more educational for me then a punishment. I am currently on probation for two years and I am on full gang terms. The Norteno street gang I am supposably in they say. Why am I on gang terms? I do not even know. Just because of who I hung around with in Juvenile Hall? I am no follower, I am a leader. Being in a gang would mean I would be a follower, and that I am not. The one thing that does make me happy though, in my life is my girlfriend. I am happy when I spend time with her and go out and do things. My favorite places to go on dates is usually the movies. I have been with her for almost two years now. She means a lot to me and she is a big part of my life. We have often talked about getting married and having a kid and having a life together. I know I will be a good father to my child. In my eyes I really can't see a future for myself. Maybe that is why I have no goals in life and I am not that motivated. If it weren't for my girlfriend I don't think I would have much of a future at all. However in 10 years from now if I am still alive, I think I...

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