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An Assignment On Walton

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Introduction :
We are the member of Over Viewer Group. Our group has been asked to make a research paper on” Analysis of Marketing Mix ” in Marketing 101 course by Mashruha Zabeen , lecturer of East West University ,department of business administration. We have been selected to make the case study on “Walton HIL (Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd.)”. We have selected a specific product of Walton. Our selected product is “Walton Refrigerator and freezer”. We have six members in our “Over Viewer” group.

Name and ID of group members:
Abu Hossain Anik :2010-3-10-045
Sohan Kowsar :2010-3-10-128
Syad Abrar Ahamad : 2010-3-10-127
Ibrahim Hamid 2010-2-13-085
Mahamudul Mojid Mim ...view middle of the document...

In the country it is a milestone in the path of success and reputation of the brand WALTON.

Walton HIL has introduced first advanced research and manufacture technologies and equipments for commercial and household Refrigerator and Freezer, Motorcycle and Energy Saving Lamp etc. in Bangladesh. The company desires to provide the latest technology based products with innovative design, excellent quality and many different models and capacities. In this concern, management of Walton HIL ensures their commitments for quality at any cost. So they are using superior technologies from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and China to manufacture their products.

WALTON brand main products are different types of Television (CRT, LCD, LED, Plasma etc. ) , HD DVD and DVD Player, Motorcycle, Refrigerator and Freezer, Microwave Oven, Steam Oven, Domestic and Industrial Generator, Washing Machine, Wrist-Watch, Manganese and Alkaline Battery, Energy Saving Lamp, Power Tiller, Air-conditioner, Cell Phone and various types of necessary and useful home appliances.
Walton HIL is furnished with good Research and Development (R&D) Division comprising of a team of skilled engineers and technical personnel. It is fully equipped industrial set-up with annual production target of 1.5 million Refrigerator, 0.5 million Motorcycle and 6 million Energy Saving Lamp. The Industry has its own Mold and Die making section where high precision molds are produced with the help of state-of the art CNC, Wire-Cut, EDM etc. machines. The company has three Poly Urethane Foaming Plants, three Thermoforming (Vacuum forming) Units, highly equipped Metal Forming Units with Powder Coating, Nickel-Chrome Plant and Die-Casting Section; Robot operated Injection Plastic Molding Plant, highly equipped Test Lab, Printing and Packaging Section etc.
As Walton HTL is a new company they are focusing on the development of their products and trying to give some extra effort on maintaining a good customer relationship. So it always emphasizes on supreme priority in achieving customer satisfaction. The company always ensures product quality and renders the innovative latest technologies in its products. It has a complete experienced professional engineering team combined with both home and abroad to serve the valued customers.
Now Walton has started to spread its products worldwide. Walton is currently exporting its electronic products in Qatar, Sudan, Myanmar Saudi Arabia and India. Walton HTL is also focusing to expand their business in abroad. Very soon they are going to sell their product in Ghana, Ethiopia, and Dubai. For now middle-east and African countries are their prime target. After 2015 they are planning to sale in Australia, Europe even in America.
Walton is going to set an industrial steel research center in Bangladesh with Japanese Nippon group. They will research and produce industrial steel in Bangladesh which will be the core raw material for lots other companies in home and...

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