An Analysis Of Order Qualifiers And Order Winners Of The Operational Strategy Of Pfizer Inc

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An analysis of order qualifiers and order winners of the operational strategy of Pfizer Inc.

Worlds’ leading pharmaceutical manufacturer

A report prepared by

Dr Amit Roy


1.0 Executive Summary 4

2.0 Background 5

3.0 Key Financial information 5
4.0 Order Qualifiers and Order Winners 6
4.0.1 Safe clinical trials and drug delivery methods to objects 6
4.0.2 Health and safety standards 7
4.0.3 License to manufacture 7
4.0.4 Off license manufacturing 7
4.0.5 License to distribute the products in a specific regions 7
4.0.6 Quality of products 7 ...view middle of the document...

This report is started with a brief background about Pfizer and their financial strength to highlight their leading position in the world-stage of pharmaceutical industry. There is a specific analysis about various order qualifiers and order winners for example, quality of products, innovation, cost, capacity, supply chain, distribution, targeting, servitisation, customisation, externalisation, third party acquisition, licensing, off-licensing. However Pfizer has summarised all their order winners under some broad and more meaningful categories. These are improving the performance of the innovative core of their operation; creating an engine for sustainable innovation, making the right capital allocation decisions, earning respect from society, creating an ownership culture and corporate governance.

2.0 Background

Pfizer is a leading pharmaceutical company, operating in 180 countries worldwide. In the UK, Pfizer has its business headquarters in Surrey and is a major supplier of medicines to the National Health Service, UK. Pfizer takes social responsibility as the world’s leading biopharmaceutical company and they collaborate with health care providers, governments and local communities to support and expand access to reliable, affordable health care around the world. Pfizer’s diversified global health care portfolio includes human and animal biologic and small molecule medicines and vaccines, as well as many of the world’s best-known consumer products.
This report reviews the global and broader aspect Pfizer in the world stage [1]. They work closely together to help people and animals live longer and healthier lives. In the UK Pfizer has broad divisions:

* Pharmaceutical Business – Established Products, Oncology, Primary Care and Specialty Care
* Diversified Business – Nutrition, Consumer Healthcare and Animal Health
* R&D
* Manufacturing & Distribution

3.0 Key Financial information
Pfizer has met all financial targets in 2011 as per their 2012 annual report. This was possible by improving the performance of their innovative core, making the right capital allocation decisions, earning respect from society, and continuing to promote an ownership culture of confidence and trust. They have revenues of over $67 billion in 2011 in the challenging economic times in contrast with $67 billion in 2010. They also made substantial progress in the nonfinancial performance indicators, including access to medicines, environmental stewardship and other measures of their social responsibility.
Table 1: Summary of Key Financial Information 2011.

4.0 Order Qualifiers and Order Winners
4.0.1 Safe clinical trials and drug delivery methods to objects
Often the new development of drugs and its delivery method goes hand in hand together which is followed by strictly regulated and safe clinical trials. The safe clinical trial is a prerequisite to get approval of a drug as the order...

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