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An Analysis Of Concepts In Psychology

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Patrick Sullivan11-29-13Introduction to Psychology IIAn Analysis of Concepts in PsychologyPsychology is not only intriguing because it is science, but also because it is the science of our mind its functions, particularly those that determine behavior. It is a field that is employed by all of humanity, without some evening knowing it, as it places a scientific approach to the inner workings of mankind. Psychology is an all-encompassing field that is applied to the mind, and contains many different subset categories that are geared in a more specific way that covers certain aspects of the mind and behavior. Some of the more popular subsets cover the realms of social, personality and abnormal ...view middle of the document...

This reason of conformity is known as Informational influence because it pertains to seeking the appropriate information or response to a situation. The other reason of conformity is known as Normative influence and is spawned from an individuals desire to avoid punishment. This is demonstrated as someone changing their behavior in order to follow the rules of various things particularly societal norms (such as being politically correct, or following the laws of a establishment or town.) Some other reasons of conformity include conforming to abide to their expected social norms, say acting like the stereotypical jock. This was even demonstrated in an experiment known as the Stanford Prison Experiment conducted by Zimbardo, which put average citizens into a prison scenario and resulted in the participants engaging in extreme prison behavior that accustomed their expected social role or either inmate or guard. I found this concept very interesting because it provoked my thought into contemplating how on a massive scale the effect of conformity can be seen. This effect has traces in many aspects of life in which conformity can be applied to, ranging from economics to political. In economics it can be seen as a buying trend, if everyone has an IPhone, then an individual without an IPhone can either be influenced to not buy one or to buy one. In politics you can see conformity in people choosing what party to represent. Their parents and town could be heavily right sided thus it either influences them to conform or to not conform. It is very interesting when you ponder the effects of conformity on society and how individuals follow the normative influence in behaving or are influenced informational and select the correct answer based on those around them.Personality is another subset category that encompasses psychology. Sigmund Freud was a pioneer psychologist who examined this field and more specifically authored the psychoanalytic theory of personality. This theory explains the workings of personality are comprised of three elements known as the id, the ego, and the superego. The id is present from birth and is completely unconscious; it consists of the instinctive and primitive behaviors. This id section is governed by the pleasure principle and according to Freud is the primary component of personality. The ego component is the handler for reality and develops from the id in order that impulses of the id can be articulated in a fashion appropriate in the real world. The final component of personality is the superego. This is the component that stores all of our moral standards and ideals that we acquire from parental figures and society and thus internalize them making our sense of right and wrong. These three elements proposed by Freud are among a credited theory to psychology that all work together to form an individuals personality. I found this theory of personality to be very interesting due to the fact that upon learning it, my own thought...

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