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An Adaptable Constitution And Human Rights

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Unitarily speaking, the political discourse that is associated with the United States Constitution is unsettling. The line drawn amongst what can be considered a right seems to fluctuate between obscurity and clarity. Although the fluctuation comes at a period of convenience, it is at whose expense that fluctuation comes, ought to be question. The United States Constitution and the term “rights” are politically, socially, and permanently engaged. Out of the political discourse of assessing what constitute as a right, is the question of how outdated is the United States Constitution as it pertains to present day America? We are cautioned, “A country that keeps changing its Constitution, is a ...view middle of the document...

With the evolution of political climate and changes, is this enough to sustain the populace? A government ceases to exist without the support of its citizens. There are two influential frame workers of the Constitution that I will reference because of their views that people need a political system to protect them from each other as well as from foreigners and to secure just rights, one must resort to the government. Thomas Jefferson so eloquently stated “thus any political system sensitive to the needs of its citizens and aware of human prosperity to sin has two objectives: to empower the government and to limit government.” Empowerment and limiting the government is a unique task, but this unique task is accomplished through laws chiefly created with the motivation of the welfare of all citizens. The government takes on an enormous role in upholding the welfare of all citizens. James Madison solidified this way of thinking in his summation on the eve of the American Constitutional convention. He systematically implanted a seed that fostered the strength of the Constitution through the following summation:
“The great desideratum of government is such a modification of the sovereignty as will render it sufficiently neutral between the different interests and factions, to control one part of society from invading the rights of another, and at the same time sufficiently controlled it from setting up interest adverse to that of the whole society. The public good, the real welfare of the great body of the people is the supreme object to be pursued and no form of government whatever has any other value that as it may be fitted for the attainment of this object.”
(Madison, 1787)
I cannot fathom the idea of the Constitution not being reverenced for its importance, but what can be understood is why and for whom it was created. The essence of human rights was impregnated into the United States Constitution for a reason. Approximately two hundred and twenty years ago, a Constitution was born for formalizing the structure of the government and its right to govern as well as unify the ideals and principles of human rights. The discussion of what or who came first may be found in joking dialogues, but it is applicable to the vital argument for an adaptable Constitution. Some may disagree, but the rights of citizens are what created the government and not the other way around. The institution of the Bill of Rights into the Constitution is evident of this order. The theoretical and political climate during the 18th century is what set the stage for the Constitution at that moment, and its durability ever since is notable. However, amongst its notoriety, is the ratification process, which many have argued the tedious, and lengthiness of the process. Just because the process is tedious, does not make it impractical or unattainable. In fact it is because it can be ratified, it suggestively implies the practically that a living Constitution is...

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