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An Act That Is Lowering Morale

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An Act that is Lowering Moral
The No Child Left behind Act (NCLB) was put into effect by George W. Bush in 2001. The purpose of this act is to improve education and allow for all children to have equal opportunity to advance in their careers post high school. Early in this transgression there are several negative consequences already. The creators incorporate too many regulations, which cause inefficiency and counter-productiveness. Improvement is based on standardized tests that cannot measure intelligence wholly. Treating children as if they learn at the same rate does not help all students use their critical thinking skills. The act aims to close the achievement gap and allows for “no ...view middle of the document...

The AYP, which stands for the annual yearly progress goal is heavily weighed when deciding for funding. Most schools suffer from underfunding because they failed their AYP rating. It is ironic to see that top schools do not meet the AYP standards and leaves the community wondering why. It all boils down to across the board success in the core categories to qualify.
It can be difficult to determine a universal education for all students. Because individual States have a say in their tests, these exams should accommodate foreign students. Ethnical discrimination is apparent in these tests. If a child moves to the United States with their family and attend a school and English is not their first language they can be excluded. It is unfair and America is derived off a prosperous melting pot. Judging from the exams one of the major subjects being studied is reading and writing – in English – leaving limited chance for foreigners. Effective teaching is not happening as before and the teacher’s career is now a comparison to how students do on these standardized tests. Anxiety sets in for American students and those of other countries. Much preparation is needed to account for the many tedious questions that will be on the exam. There needs to be a better way to validate the education systems are progressing annually. Any student, who is not valid test taker, needs an alternative way to show their education is getting better. In these courses, they are learning to take standardized tests, not acquiring important other social skills. Mathematics and composition are the core subjects; the reality is not all students will feel confident in these subjects upon graduation. There are a multitude of opportunities for students to progress themselves in other subjects other than math and English to progress their lives.
Not only is the act unfair, but the progression they are projecting is illogical. Another unrealistic aspect of this act is concept that all subjects should have elements of composition and math. Physical education should require information that is related to that subject, while mathematics should stay numbers based. Separation is vital because it helps with recall and keys in on the core ideas of that subject. Having the option for tutoring is great, but it is not always promising for students. Tutoring often exemplifies students to stay late to receive extra help and unfortunately is not always the best time to help students. Often, there is not adequate space to tutor everyone. The schools debrief the space is specifically used for extracurricular activities. If schools are underfunded it means more money needs to be spent on teachers, coursework, study materials, tutors and better locations. The real...

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