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An Accusation Of Sexual Harassment In Pro Sports

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Discrimination and Sexual Harassments are still one of the problems that the employees are facing in their workplaces. During the last 10-15 years, studies have shown that many girls and women have experienced sexual harassment and abuse in sport (Brackenridge & Fasting 2002).
Sexual harassment is a problem for many organizations. Organizations must understand that sexual harassment lies within the broader context of sex discrimination and inequality of opportunity in the workplace. Sexual harassment is both an illegal and unethical practice. Companies need to implement a policy that respects the rights of individual employees by prohibiting sexual ...view middle of the document...

He was also the head-coach of the Knick between 2006 and 2008. (Isiah Thomas, 2015)
Anucha Browne Sanders had the rights to sue the Madison Square Garden and the New York Knicks’s coach Isiah Thomas about the sexual harassment that she faced for two years. It is stated that Mrs. Browne Sanders reported the harassment of Isiah Thomas’s behaviors to the top level managers of Madison Square Garden. After Mrs. Browne Sanders’ complaints, the managers of the Madison Square Garden and New York Knicks took no action about the harassment. Furthermore, Anuche Browne Sanders was fired from her position after those complaints (Dessler, 2012).
The federal jury decided Madison Square Garden and its chairman to pay $11.6 million in damages to Anucha Browne Sanders in her sexual harassment lawsuit. (Knicks Lose Big In Sex Harassment Suit, 2007). In my opinion, the federal jury arrived at the correct decision. According to the report of the trial, Mrs. Browne Sander’s claims of harassment and verbal abuse had corroboration from witnesses. Besides, no other witnesses corroborated the Madison Square Garden’s claims that the performance of Mrs. Browne Sanders was poor for her position.
Lessons Learned and Recommendations
After this incident, Madison Square Garden executives and managers should brief their employees about the discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Managers should create a sense of trust for their employees, and make them comfortable to speak freely any issues they are facing in their workplace.
Madison Square Garden is a trademark for New York City, and the whole world. To gain the trust of the people again, they need to work harder and more rigorous than ever. New York Liberty is the WNBA franchise who plays their home games at the Madison Square Garden. To gain the trust of the female population, by using the Liberty team Garden can organize philanthropic events focusing on Sexual Harassment of women in U.S.A.
I support Dessler in his statement that the allegations against Madison Square...

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