An Account Of The Purchase Of Television Set In Singapore

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1. What are the different stages in the buying process for a television set? What critical stimuli or events drive each stage?

Buying process is the process by which individuals search for, select, purchase, use, and dispose of goods and services, in satisfaction of their needs and wants. Generally, consumer passes through five stages of buying process: problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, and postpurchase behavior as illustrate in Figure 1. But ...view middle of the document...

The evaluation process covers a few concepts. First, is it satisfying their needs i.e the need for a new 29 inch television. Secondly, they are looking for certain benefits from the product solution i.e good-performing, clear and durable television set. And finally, they evaluated the attributes with varying abilities for delivering the benefits sought to satisfy their need. The Expectancy-value Model argues that consumers evaluate products and services by combining their brand belief i.e the positives and negatives – according to importance. In this case, the couple rates good-performing, clear and durable television set as importance, followed by longer warranty and their budget.

In the next stage, the couple made a decision to purchase. With 3 heuristics choice types, namely conjunctive, lexicographic and elimination-by-aspect heuristics, the couple falls under elimination-by-aspect heuristics where after comparing the two brands on an attribute selected probabilistically – where the probability of choosing an attribute is positively related to its importance and the brand is eliminated if they do not meet minimum acceptable cutoff levels.

And finally, postpurchase behavior where if it meets their expectations, they are satisfied.

In each stage, we noticed the critical stimuli which drive each stage. In the Problem recognition stage, the need for new 29 inch television compel the couple to make decision to search for information for the right television set, in terms of brands, meeting their budget, good-performing, clear and durable. Under the information search stage, the failure to find the right information drives the couple to visit few malls to find the right product. And in the evaluation process, unattentive sales personnel at Courts, inability of the sales person to offer recommendations at Electric City store at Orchard Road and the ability of the sales person at Best Connection to offer good recommendations assist the couple in making the buying decision....

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