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An Academic Essay

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Formative Assessment 1
Business Study Skills and Methods
Essay title 1:
What are the main sources of information you should use when preparing to write an academic essay? How can you evaluate the different sources of information you find?

An academic essay is basically an essay students at university level, write for their courses. Lecturers at different universities call academic essays a variety of names such as: An essay, paper, research paper, term paper, argumentative paper/ essay, analysis paper/essay, informative essay, position essay and so on. Even though lecturer and students have a variety of names to call an academic essay, it still entails the same goals.
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” They are:” Clear purpose. The goal of your paper is to answer the question you posed as your topic. Your question gives you a purpose. The most common purposes in academic writing are to persuade, analyze/synthesize and inform.” “Audience Engagement. Academic writing is directed to a specific audience in mind. Unless your instructor says otherwise, consider your audience to be fellow students with the same level of knowledge as yourself.” “Clear point of view. Academic writing is not just a list of facts or summaries of sources. Although you will present other people’s ideas and research, the goal of your paper is to show what you think about these things.” “Single focus. Every paragraph in your paper will support your thesis statement. There will be no unnecessary, irrelevant, unimportant, or contradictory information.” “Logical organization. Academic writing follows a standard organizational pattern. For academic essays and papers, there is an introduction, body and conclusion. Each paragraph logically leads to the next one.” “Strong Support. Each body paragraph will have sufficient and relevant support for the topic sentence and thesis statement. This support will consist of facts, examples, description, personal experience and expert opinions and quotations.” “Clear and complete explanations. As the writer, you need to do all the work for the reader. The reader should not have to think hard to understand your ideas, logic or organization.” “Effective use of research. Your paper should refer to a variety of current, high quality, professional and academic sources. You will use your research to support your own ideas; therefore, it must be integrated into your writing and not presented separately.” “Correct APA style. All academic papers should follow the guidelines of the American psychological association as found in research and APA style guide 2010, regarding in text citations, the reference list and format” “Writing style. Because this is your work, you should use your own words whenever possible. Do not try to write like a boring, overly formal scholarly article. Use the natural conversational style that you would use in the classroom. Your writing should be clear, concise, and easy to read.” “Always follow the directions of your instructor. Every instructor has a reason for giving you an assignment...

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