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Amusement Park Promotion Essay

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What type of promotional program would you use to convert occasional visitors to season ticket holders?
In order to convert occasional visitors into season ticket holders, I would implement a promotional program that would be difficult to turn down.

First of all, the season pass would be advertised as a deal, even for occasional visitors, so that if they were to visit the park only three times, their season pass would save money – especially for locals.

Second, there would be a small variety of season passes available for purchase, each with incentives. For example, one would be higher in price, but would give a pass holder free admission to a sister park and entitle visitor discounts at both parks. The lesser priced pass would offer smaller incentives such as discounts, but ...view middle of the document...

Since people are constantly “liking” and sharing things they come across on Facebook, the more people that scroll through their newsfeeds, the more people likely to learn about season pass deals. Using Facebook as a platform, I would encourage visitors to share their experiences for other visitors to see and market by creating “product champions.”
In conjunction with Facebook, I would also use the typical flyers and television ads, and also market through business such as Credit Unions, to sell discounted season passes to their members.

How would you increase customer satisfaction?
Still in conjunction with Facebook, I would use the shared experiences of visitors as well as an online survey to measure customer satisfaction. Resulting from those two, I would develop a reasonable plan to make changes to suite customer needs and wants.

What would you do to identify marketing opportunities? To evaluate your marketing actions? To improve your knowledge of your customer?
I would identify marketing opportunities through the satisfaction of customers. Satisfied customers are happy to share a good experience with others and by word-of-mouth, half the marketing job is done. To keep in line with satisfied customers and share experiences, it would open up a new door to marketing to group and friends. For example, buy a summer pass and if you refer a friend, they get a discount.

To evaluate marketing actions, I would arrange frequent meetings with the marketing team to go over sales and data presented from previous marketing strategies and former successes and compare to present data to evaluate current success.

To improve knowledge of customers, I would evaluate current customers, their demographics and social habits, as well as demographics of the local area, and then market toward those habits.

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