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Amusement Park Business Plan Essay

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Amusement Park Business Plan
Wasatch Family Fun Center
Our FEC's will provide customers with a wholesome environment that provides amusement, entertainment, excitement, competition, year round activities, souvenirs and great food all while forming lasting memories at affordable prices.
Although there is currently no competition in the immediate area in which we plan to establish our FECs, we believe that because the FEC industry is expanding exponentially, sooner or later competition will encroach.
To that end, the company plans to become profitable and retain a solid leadership position in the marketplace by providing:
* Indoor facilities - Cold weather will close the ...view middle of the document...

Source: USU Extension Program.  
The Story of Dave & Busters - Family Entertainment Centers
"In 1982, Dave Corriveau and Buster Corley brought an idea to life. Create a place where adults can enjoy great food, terrific drinks and the latest interactive games - all in one place.  They discovered a winning formula. Over the past 18 years, Dave & Buster's has grown from one location in Dallas, Texas, to a nationwide organization. And with the help of our creative and dedicated employees, we're able to keep growing and providing our guests with a unique experience." Source: Dave & Busters.
I&B Investments intends on building an FEC with a 15,000 to 20,000 square-foot main building located in the Northern Utah area and provide such activities and services as: go-carts, miniature golf, climbing walls, batting cages, skycoaster or tower swing, air hockey, foosball, paint ball, laser and phazer tag, skateboard arena, outdoor bumper boats, gaming & redemption center, chess/backgammon playing areas, souvenir/gift shop, ice cream, pizza, pretzels, drinks, private party rooms (birthday & corporate), massage therapy center and a coffee shop.
I&B Investments anticipates entering into an agreement with Harris Miniature Golf Company (HMGC) to construct the course at its facility. The mini-golf course landscaping will depict the Wasatch Mountains area. The environment is casual and the design will capture the romantic era of a visit to the Olde West. The casual ambiance will be enhanced with mellow beat music and the sound of rushing water created by the falls and streams on the golf course. The quality of play and excellent service will ensure a large loyal following of customers.
"It's an icon of the American landscape. It gives people a sense of other worldliness. And it's non-gender and non-age biased," says Steven W. Rix, executive director of San Antonio, Texas-based Miniature Golf Association of the United States.
"Miniature golf's relatively low start-up cost - compared with theme parks, for example - have made it one of the most lucrative entertainment businesses around.  Our latest figures show courses can return as much as 38 percent on an investment each year," states Dave & Paul of the Professional Miniature Golf Association of Salt Lake City, Utah.
3.2 Future Services
I&B Investments will expand its family entertainment activities during its first year of operation, by adding bumper boats, go-carts and other attractions as discussed elsewhere in our plan.
In addition I&B Investments is already working on contingency plans for adding more facilities along the Wasatch Front.
To further increase revenues and public attraction, I&B Investments is working to establish several other entertainment (outdoor) activities that will be put in place using revenue-sharing programs, such as the Skycoaster

Market Analysis Summary
Research has indicated that the prime market for a FEC is in urban areas close...

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