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Amtrak Case Study

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Derrick Jones
LS312: Ethics and the Legal Environment
Unit-4 Assignment
Amtrak Case Study
July 26, 2012

First of all lets define the word, “stakeholder”. Stakeholder means people who have an interest in a particular thing. In an organization, for example a stakeholder will include the parties with interest such as employees, suppliers, customers, local communities, among other parties (Ask). In this case the stakeholders would be the crew members, the passengers, the community where this tragedy happened, the towns where Amtrak provides services are stakeholders. All these stakeholders have stakes that are directly or indirectly.
The interest for all the stakeholders is to have a safe trip, but in this case the interest for the owners, and the crew members is to not have anything go wrong that may cost them financially. ...view middle of the document...

They should have checked to see what the weather was like before they left to see if was safe to travel.
Ethically, the lack of anyone coming forward and taking responsible for this tragedy. This was no normal accident. Normal accidents focus on the properties of systems themselves rather than on the errors that owners, designers, and operators make running them (Appendix C, Normal Accidents). Since this wasn’t an accident the people and corporations should do the ethical thing and accept responsibility for this incident.
The corporation’s social corporate responsibility, economically, would be to try and compensate the people that would be out of sheer happenstance caused an increase in some companies profits by the need to have repair did on the bridge, but the business that depend on the stopovers to their town to make money would be hurt until the bridge was repaired. Economically wise, if the corporation’s didn’t compensate the relatives who family died in which they were the provider, they wouldn’t have any means to buy products for their family from the businesses in the community.
I would recommend that the corporation’s get together and compensate the people who lost loved ones because of this incident and those who were injured in this incident. This does not bring loved ones back, but it may ease any financial burdens that may arise. The government should place more noticeable landmarks by the river to let mariners know that there is a bridge near. Plus it should be that during heavy dense fog, mariners shouldn’t travel because of limited visibility. The Amtrak should maybe install an automatic break locking system on its train and the tracks to stop the train when something goes wrong on the tracks.

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