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Amniocentesis Essay

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Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler, a military dictator, was a very brutal man during World War II, and caused many deaths to people. Mr. Hitler was a terrible man to many in the eyes of many people today. Historians guess that Adolf killed about eleven million people.Adolf Hitler was born on April, 20, 1889, in Braunau, Austria. Adolf Hitler's dad was born in the third marriage of his father and was the fourth child in that marraige.Alios (Adolf Hitler's dad) was edgy, and ill-tempered.He was a customs official, he was fifty-one when Adolf was born and died in 1903.Klara Polzl a farmer's daughter and was twenty-eight when she had Adolf Hitler, and she died three years after her husband. Adolf Hitler ...view middle of the document...

Hitler down because he was unfit. When World War I broke out Adolf Hitler was quick to volunteer. He was accepted and served as a messenger of western front for most of the war. He took part in some of the bloodiest battles. He was hurt twice during the war. He got metals for his bravery, and by the end of the war he was an corporal. Mr. Hitler was in a hospital when Germany surrendered, and he wanted to bring Germany back to unity. When Adolf Hitler rose to power by working his way up the political ladder and was a president at first. He challenged the whole world (practically) to his new invention called a U-boat (now called a submarine). Adolf Hitler destroyed many towns. During World War II he took over many European countries and tried to take the World. He is most known for trying to kill the race of Jewish population. He killed about six million Jews and two thirds of the jewish population in Europe. He was a fierce and harsh dictator, he told you what to do and do it or die! Adolf Hitler killed many of the Jews by: setting them up in a long line and shot them, burnt them, gassed them in big chambers, sent them to concentration camps with very hard living conditions, or tried nasty experiments on Jews. Some experiments that "doctors" did was that they would get a twin and torture it and see how the other twins reacts to her sister being tortured. He has a big impact on...

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1876 words - 8 pages (Down syndrome). Most clinics will offer prenatal diagnosis, such as chorion villus sampling, and amniocentesis to these women to screen for birth defects during pregnancy, but since some of these procedures increase the risk of a miscarriage, the couple often find themselves on the horns of a dilemma and it is hard for them to decide whether to do the test or not to. What is the oldest age at which an infertility specialist should accept a

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