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Americas’ Constitution is bizarrely difficult to change. According to Article five of the U.S Constitution, the United States Constitution can be changed in two ways. Firstly, a change occurs by the House of Representatives voting 2-3rds and our Senate matching via an endorsement of 3-4ths of the different national assemblies. This first strategy for alteration is the one and only, in which we use today. Secondly, Americas Constitution may be changed via a Convention by 2-3rds of the national lawmaking bodies, when the Convention's suggested changes have been approved by 3-4ths of the national assemblies.
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Our countries’ founders reiterated this confidence in sovereignty from administrative oppression by adopting the Bill of Rights in seventeen-ninety-one. Liberty can't thrive when a government allows for special cases to our 1st Amendment because of words they hate. Passing such a correction would give Congress the right to decide what U.S. residents can say in regards to their perspective administration including how each citizen is permitted to explain their grievances. This would definitely be contrary to what the 1st Amendment is intended to do.
Such of a change in our constitution would be viewed as an absolute strike on U.S residents' central right to express support or objection for their government in the way in which they elect. With this in mind, how could Legislature gain from implementing a questionable amendment? It is important to ask the meaning of desecration? Can it be true that it is simply burning a flag or does it additionally incorporate rubbing dirt on the flag? Imagine a scenario in which a U.S. citizen were to wear a banner like a cape...

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