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American Well Case Write Up Essay

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1. Do you share the assessment of the founders regarding the potential of online care to revolutionize healthcare delivery? Why or why not?

I share similar assessments with the potential aspects of online care, particularly with real time kiosk technology. Hospitals and clinics could install care kiosks with web cam equipped computers in work site health clinics as well as emergency rooms, allowing patients in the waiting areas to consult with a physician in real time over an internet connection while waiting to be seen. By the time hospital personnel could see the patient, they would already have preliminary information about their condition. This process would increase the hospital's ...view middle of the document...

One potential option as a new venture would be expanding internationally. Potential customers in other countries have already expressed interest. However, the issues I perceive, is that the company would have to tailor its services and support to each individual market, with local regulations and governing laws as a constraint. Lack of a well-known brand would also hinder the potential expansion into the international market. As of now the firm has no established brand or image, whereas some of the competitors may have a stronger more well-known name and have been established for more time in the market place. This issue, however, can be addressed with the founder's network connections within the industry, experience as doctors, and quality service expanded over time.

2. What value do you see "Team Edition" creating? What barriers to its adoption do you foresee?

The new product Team Edition would be a valuable extension for American Well's. Team Edition would drastically cut down on the amount of time it would take a patient to see a specialist after being referred by his PCP. The authors claim that it could potentially reduce the time from weeks and months to minutes. (Case) Traditionally, a patient would meet with their PCP and if a PCP decided that a specialist was required, the patient would have to make a separate appointment as long as several weeks to several month out. In exhibit 1, the authors provided information that patients in Boston waited on an average of sixty days. With Team Edition, consultations with specialists could occur in real time while the patient was still with his PCP.
A potential problem, or barrier, with rolling out Team Edition is that patients using the current American Well systems may be confused with multiple products, especially since the core product had not been completely adapted yet. However, Team Edition is a natural extension to the services already offered by American Well and would further add value while reducing cost to health insurance companies and patients. There may need to be extra resources and support allowed for the training of staff and implementing of Team Edition. The new edition of Team Edition would not incur substantial cost, because the company may use already existing technology to support this product launch. Team Edition would basically be used in the same manner as when a patient consults with a physician online, and can be...

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