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American Vs Southwest Essay

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Key points:
1 Whether supervision should be replaced with systems of accountability and performance measurement? Answer: Coordination benefits from strengthening the role of supervisors while weakening the role of accountability and performance measurement. Systems of accountability and performance measurement, rather than being ideal for horizontally coordinated organizations, actually have unintended negative consequences.

2 Accountability of Front-line employees

Functional accountability in American: encourage employees to look out for themselves and avoid recrimination, rather than focusing on their shared goals

Cross-functional accountability in Southwest: Institute a ...view middle of the document...

6 Conflict resolution
Minimal conflict resolution in American: Field managers claim that resolving conflicts is an unimportant part of their jobs
Proactive conflict resolution in Southwest: they take conflicts between functional groups seriously. Push resolution of these conflicts and problems down to where they occur
7 Alternative systems of coordination and control
American focuses on their own piece of the process and ignores downstream consequences. Lower level of trust and less effective in areas that require high level of coordination
Southwest seeks for coordination, learning, two-way communication. But employees are not easily evaluated and motivated
8 Broader support for propositions: Greater cross-functional accountability, smaller supervisory spans of control, greater selection for teamwork, more active cross-functional conflict resolution --- more frequent communication, stronger shared goals, greater shared knowledge, higher level of mutual respect, higher quality performance, greater efficiency

9 Theorists disagree about accountability: Efforts to achieve control through functional accountability have detrimental effects on information sharing and...

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