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American Suffrage In The Age Of Exploration

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African Suffrage in the Age of Exploration
What if you were torn away from your family, and taken to places you had never seen, or heard of? That is what was done to the Africans over a course of many years, but through all the hardship, they still made it to this day. Comparing them to the Native Americans I would have to say that overall the Africans really suffered the most from the Age of Exploration more than anyone else.
Unlike the suffering of the Taino, which although was extremely brutal, the Africans suffered through the slave trade more than 400 years. Slavery in Africa first started in 1441 when Prince Henry brought back 12 men and 12 women from Africa (Ships of Slaves, March ...view middle of the document...

Since the slave trade became such a large factor in that era, many Africans began to turn on each other, capturing their own kind, trading them to the Europeans, but what they didn’t know is that they weren’t the ones who benefited from it, it was the Europeans (Ships of Slaves, March 4, 2011). These empires had complex governments, institutions, and ways of life, to be brought down by the slave trade. Africa turned against itself, and eventually brought itself down as the Europeans stripped it of its natural resources, leaving it almost worthless in gold, salt, and ivory, the only thing they wanted more was its people (lecture, Medieval Africa, March 3, 2011). This shows us how the Europeans affected more than Africa’s natural resources, but everything they worked for.
The Age of Exploration is over, but it still left its trace with the Africans. Even though slavery has ended, Africans are still discriminated to this day, many years later. Slavery led to a lot of racism which is still common. The slavery from Age of Exploration ended but it left behind a lot of...

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