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American Slave Trade Film Doc Essay

535 words - 3 pages

Characters: Joe, the slave
Sally, Joe’s wife, also a slave
Robert, the master
Cart Driver

Setting: 1392, From Africa to Europe

Plot: The scene starts in a little town of Africa, About 10:03 p.m. The “whites” arrive, armed and ready, to capture as many Africans as possible. Helicopters are landing and soldiers are leaping out of them. Spot lights are being shined on multiple huts while many Africans are running for their lives. The head captain of the Europeans ceases fire until many Africans bombard the helicopters. They had no chose as they fired multiple shots at the Africans, “trying to aim for their legs.” One after ...view middle of the document...

“Yeah I’m here. Do you know where we’re going?” “No, but there’s no way they’ll put us together,” said Joe. “But I don’t want to leave you, and I’m pregnant. I can’t raise a child by myself!” “I know but I can’t do anything about it. I guess I can a…” As Joe tries to finish his sentence, the back doors are flung open and they are rushed to a facility, equivalent to zoo but only with Africans. They Europeans are plotting on a chart where each will go, in a different language, until one approaches them and yells at them to get back in the cart, only this time, Joe is put in a different cart.
The cart hits many potholes on the way to there house. As both carts arrive, they are thrown out of the back.
“She’s pregnant!” yelled Joe, “Don’t be so ruff with her!” A split second after he finishes his sentence, the European slaps him and his wife on their faces. “Go,” yelled the Cart Driver. Each walk with there handcuffed hands to there hut where they will live.
Robert, their master, approaches them and says, “You two will be working on my farm for the next 20 years.” Joe starts a sentence but is immediately hit in his knee-cap with a rod. “Oh yeah, don’t speak unless I ask you a question. Is everything clear?” “Yes mas…” Once again, he is hit with a rod. “That one was just for fun. Get them out of my sight!”

Special Effects: When the helicopters land there will be loud booms in the surround sound and the helicopter blades will make a whooping sound. Gun shots will be loud. When they arrive at the camp of Africans, all Africans will be yelling loud. The cart motor will be loud and booming.

Sound Track: Puppets by Atmosphere will be the opening track for the scene.

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