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American Revolution Project Essay

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The American Revolution Project

Dear Sister,
I take this one spare moment I have to tell you, I have been wounded and will not be returning home. I’m currently at Valley Forge. It’s dreadfully cold, and we have no food or clothing for most men. I’m missing you and the family terribly bad at this point.

With all Love,
Ben Zucchini

John Hancock
John Hancock was born on January 23rd, 1737, in Braintree, Massachusetts. After his father died, he was raised by his wealthy aunt and uncle. John Hancock went on to graduate Harvard in 1754. After he had graduated he went to go work for his Uncle. After his uncle, Thomas Hancock, died, John Hancock inherited his import-export ...view middle of the document...

In December of the same year, he was chosen as a Massachusetts delegate to the second continental congress.
Hancock’s revolutionary actions made him an automatic target to the British. In 1775, he and his fellow patriot Samuel Adams, avoided arrest in Lexington, during Paul Revere’s midnight ride.
In May 1775, he was elected president of the Continental Congress. The next month, the congress chose George Washington as commander of the continental army. According to some, Hancock had wanted the position himself. During the eight years of war, Hancock used his wealth to fund the Continental Army.

On July 4th, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was approved. John Hancock was credited as the first to sign the document. His signature became famous. “There, I guess the king will be able to read that!” He said this, after he signed it so the king would be able to read it without his glasses. Today, “John Hancock” is synonymous with “signature.”
After resigning as head of the Continental Congress in 1777, Hancock had is chance for the military in 1778, when he led some 5,000 Massachusetts soldiers in attempt to recapture Newport,...

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