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American Colonists vs. British Government
The onset of the American Revolution and the independence of the American colonies was the accumulation of many years of increasing disagreements between the American colonies and the British government. Most of these began after the French and Indian War when the British began using more control and power over the American colonies. The restriction of civil liberties strongly impacted the daily lives of regular colonists. This caused them to personally feel the effects of British control. On a larger scale, the British political control, especially economic policies, highlighted the fact that America colonies had no direct political representation ...view middle of the document...

This helped Americans to realize that they had no political power to control their own fate. Taxation without representation began to be seen as a sign of abuse. In 1766, the British repealed the Stamp Act but declared that they had the right to tax anything they wanted, which was known as the Declaratory Act. Soon the Parliament issued another act, the Townshend Act, an indirect regulation with light import duty on certain items, for instance glass, paper and tea. This act was later repealed except for the levies on tea, which were changed to directly benefit the British East India Company. They lowered the price of tea considerably hoping that American colonists would buy from them, instead of smuggling. However, to protest their lack of representation, American colonists refused to buy it. Lowered price of tea angered the smugglers, which resulted in the Boston Tea Party. The Parliamentary Acts highlighted the political situations of the colonies within the British government. The colonies wanted full representation in government and full rights as citizens. The Parliamentary Acts to the American colonists become known as the Intolerable Acts. The colonists argued that, without parliamentary representation, these were acts of abuse and tyranny by the British and they demanded to be directly represented in the government. ...

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