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American Popular Culture Essay

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American Popular Culture
Cynthia Casillas

Mrs. Angela Cranon

American Popular Culture
There is not a single definition that will describe culture since it evolves and goes for the same as beauty. Without a doubt, there is no answer to the definition of beauty, yet beauty is heavily involved and, associated in today’s media. Media is likely to have an enormous potent effect to the average man or woman about the criteria of beauty, forcing the definition of beauty to a new height because beauty never stops evolving and tends to play a very important role in the life of young teenagers and adults.
Retailer catalogs such as Abercrombie and Fitch and Victoria’s Secret tend to ...view middle of the document...

Time and cultures has a major role in the standards of beauty. In Victorian ages, social status was determined on the appearance which one portrays. Women who were to be considered ‘overweight, obese and fat’ in present-day today, had a higher social status. Woman who were considered “plump” were considered of a healthy and a higher class distinction. Artist back then even painted some of the famous women in history having a voluptuous body figure in which present-day, would be diffidently frowned upon the media. An example, Jessica Simpson showed some physical “plumpness” in one of her concerts not too long ago. All of the sudden the media went insane and cameras were focused all of their attention on Jessica Simpson. Scolding and embarrassing her, which was not necessary, just because she gained weight. Back then also, pale skin was more preferred than tanned skin because a person who appeared to have a dark tone skin indicated he or she is laborer working in the field. In the media today, tanned skin indicated that the person is of higher status because of the quality leisure time he or she spent into tanning. In China, Women who had small, often delicate feet were of higher status. This resulted in women binding their feet, painfully uncomfortable, to achieve the standards that he or she are accustomed to.
Society often draws a parallel to what is considered healthy in the standards of beauty. During times when food was scarce, society believed that woman who were heavier were more desirable and healthier, while women who were skinny and slender were considered unhealthy and suffering from malnutrition. In the eye of today’s media, the view on obesity is portrayed as highly unattractive and the basis of serious health risks such as a stroke, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension. Studies have also proved that women who were obese often had more difficulty bearing children because of health risk. Ironically, studies have also debunked the fact that slenderness is a way to live a healthier life. Now as society becomes heavier and heavier, women who are portrayed in the media are much slimmer.
Beauty is undeniably fascinated in American culture, when beauty starts being used from a business point of view, sexuality and beauty sells. Media and the advertisers use beautiful models and celebrities in advertisements to promote and sell, the fascination of beauty is still plays a major roll. Whether its sell everything from cloths to beverages and cars, there are still the underlying fact that advertisers and the media rely on the beauty in the celebrity and model. One example would be in sports such as football, which exploits women such as Cheerleaders and the Bikini models portrayed on Sports Illustrated magazines to advertise and sell products.
Social life, youth and beauty have also been greatly affected by looks, celebrities and beautiful models have raised the status quo for the rest of present-day society and most likely the...

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