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American Media Essay

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I am going to choose the first scenario, where I am the news director of a local TV station. The roll of news media in delivering the news to the public is giving the public accurate news quickly. I would choose to make the closing of city parks three days a week as my lead story. It is more relevant to the viewers, and it affects them directly. I know the death of a celebrity would get bigger ratings, but the city closing city parks three days a week affects my viewers more. Therefore, I feel my responsibility to the public is to inform them of the news that is going to affect them first. The death of a celebrity will definitely have an impact on people, but I do not feel ...view middle of the document...

I would also consider different delivery methods of those two stories to the public. Obviously I would put it on the TV news, but I also would put it on the television station’s website as well as contacting the newspaper and radio stations as well. The advantages of using of using modern media delivery for news is that there are so many different ways to deliver the news so that the viewers can know the latest information. Unfortunately with all of the ways people can get information, there are disadvantages of modern media delivery as well. Is the source reliable? Is their main goal accurate news or entertainment? People have to be very careful in choosing the source of their information. The news media has changed so much over the last century, creating more ways to receive news. First there were just newspapers, and then when radio was invented people had another source to receive the news, as well as entertainment. When Television came around, there was yet another way to receive information. It was not until the internet came along that news media really took off. Blogs allowed everyday people write what they thought about current events, as well as giving the news media more ways to distribute information.


The effect of the relationships among television, movies, and electronic games with culture is such a big and controversial subject. The way culture is reflected in movies and media and television is also just as diverse. Sometimes culture that is portrayed in movies and television is so far off from real culture it is unreal. Also the ability of the movies, television, and electronic games to effect culture is almost unbelievable to me as well. These will always have a way of being a big influence on culture. Well the culture that is reflected in movies seems to always have a pattern, which seems for the most part to be consistent. Since television and movies are such a big influence on culture today, it seems that however the culture...

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