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American Influences On Syria Essay

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Syria’s Language, Religion, Sports, Pastimes, and Leisure Activity
In the Syrian culture/lifestyle there are many similarities to America. Now, every country also has their own way of doing things, their own lifestyle, etc. The difference is because of their culture. The Syrian culture has a lot of unique and interesting ways of doing stuff, like how they spend their time,what their favorite sport is, and many more things. And that’s what makes each country different.
In Syria, Arabic is the most widely spoken language. Language is also based on where they live. For example: in the mountains, Jabal al-Druze is spoken; Bedawi Arabic is spoken by the nomads; and in Damascus ...view middle of the document...

The most popular sport in Syria is soccer. Syrians follow Arab and European matches very closely. Soccer is also one of their favorite pastimes. Some other sports that are also popular are: weightlifting, judo and karate. Also, health clubs and gyms are becoming more popular. There are stadiums in Damascus, Aleppo, and Latakia where sporting events are held. Syria first competed in the 1948 Olympic Games in London, and later won the first medal in men’s heavyweight freestyle wrestling too. ->->-> America’s most popular sport is football. It’s one of their favorite pastimes too. Both countries love sports.

Syrian pastimes include Arabic poetry, singing, dancing, and playing sports, and sculpting. They are very interested in literature. Some leisure activities include outings, family picnics, basically anything that has to do with family. Sculpture is mainly done as decorations on white marble. Damascus is particularly famous for sculptures; beautiful examples of it can be seen in its palaces and public...

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