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American Identity Essay

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Brandon Poche
Professor Harper
English 1A
22 September 2014
Moser and Watters: Creating America
In Creating America, Joyce Moser and Ann Watters suggest that, “In understanding American identities, we need to come to terms with unity and division, with separateness and common ground.” This can be interpreted as, every man is born equally implemented from the Declaration of Independence. Watters and Moser believed that no matter what race, class, or gender, America should always accept you for who you are. This is the country of opportunity with no discrimination. They were trying to emphasize the fact that blacks can co-exist with whites, or Muslims and Christians can have lunch today; ...view middle of the document...

Class has a huge part in the culture of America. Most people view class in three different ways, rich, middle, and poor. America is a place where the rich can become poor in a split second or vice versa. This proves that no matter how much money you started with, there is an opportunity to earn the salary you desire. This comes back to not discriminating and treating everyone equally. Moser and Watters said, “We need to come to terms with unity and divisions, with separateness and common ground.” This is a perfect example of that. The fact that the rich and poor can co-exist in the same building and be treated equally is very important to the American culture. That is the exact meaning of “unity and divisions, with separateness and common ground.” They are separated by class, but brought together and treated as they were both the same social class.
The most important factor in being an America is ethnicity. In America, that is a big problem if you are a racist. For example, Donald Sterling was banned out the NBA all because of one statement that wasn’t meant to be heard. That is a prime example of how America treats racism. It’s not acceptable at all, racism in America should be abolished fully. There may be a few times where you find a racist, but the majority of Americans are very tolerant to race. For example, at school, it’s normal...

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