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American History X Essay

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American History XAmerican History X was a film that expressed a harsh reality of racism in our country today. The film is taken place in Venice Beach, California, and it represents a day in the life of a boy who fell in the clench of white supremacy. The film begins with a flashback of the boy, whose name is Danny, witnessing his skinhead brother shooting at a black man breaking into his car. The flashback ends with the older brother, whose name is Derek, getting arrested. When Derek was getting arrested he had this strange look in his eye, as if he was happy and proud of what he did. Then the film begins three years later and Danny sitting waiting to go into the principals' office because ...view middle of the document...

As he was telling Derek he kept asking him if he understood, and if that was fair? And Derek nodded in agreement with him. The one thing that struck at me the most was when his father said to Derek you do well in school and read the books the teacher gives you but remember they are still niggers. Well this was the first time that I saw, where racism was rooted into Derek and Danny's minds. When their father was shot and killed at work was what triggered and brought out the racism in Derek.Not only can racism be taught in the homes, but can be taught threw your peers or by a stranger off the street. In American History X there was a character whose name was Cameron, Cameron's role was the leader of a group of skinheads. Derek was Cameron's pride and joy. Cameron had to be at least forty years old. He would take the youth that were troubled or confused, or maybe just had no place else to go and made them into skinheads. He would preach his beliefs to the group and give them so called statistics about the white race against every other race. These kids listened to him they thought he was right. Derek went to him after his father died. Derek was lost and vulnerable and pissed that his father was killed. Derek felt revenge and hatred, and that is just how Cameron probably wanted it. If Derek's father did not die would the beginning of this film be Derek killing the black man? This film also brings up the topic of how the judicial system might be prejudice. Is our judicial system prejudice? In this film it gives the impression that it is. When Derek was in jail his only true friend was a black man who he did the laundry with.Derek asked him what he did to be in jail for six years. The man said that he stole a television next to a donut shop and when he was coming out of the store he was grabbed by a police officer and dropped the television on his foot and he was found guilty for assaulting the officer, so that is why he got six years. Derek killed a person...

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