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American History, Short Essay

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Where did the Native Americans come from? The Native Americans came from Asia.
Who are Hispanics? Hispanics are people of Spanish/Spanish-American origin. They are Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans and Cuban-Americans.
Who were the prevalent immigrants to the United States in the second half of the twentieth century? Asian-Americans were the prevalent group of immigrants to the United States in the second half of the 20th century.
How many branches of government are there in the USA? There are three branches of government in the USA – legislative, executive and judicial.
What are the changes in the American Constitution called? The changes in the American ...view middle of the document...

What branches are the state governments divided into? The state governments are divided into the following branches - legislative, executive and judicial.
IS the President elected by voters or by the Senate? The President is elected by voters.
Who is the Presidents’ Day dedicated to? The Presidents’ Day is dedicated to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
What does the Columbus Day celebrate? The Columbus Day celebrates the arrival of Columbus to America.
Which year did Christopher Columbus arrive to the Americas? Christopher Columbus arrived to Americas in 1492.
What is the carved pumpkin used as a Halloween decoration called? The carved pumpkin used as a Halloween decoration is called Jack-of-the-Lantern., or Jack-O’-Lantern.
At which date is Christmas celebrated by the majority of Christians in America? Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December by the majority of Christians in America.
What does the Fourth of July celebrate? The Fourth of July (Independence Day) celebrates the day when the independence from Britain was declared.
Which measures of the Crown infuriated American settlers and made them rebel against England? The tax acts, duties, and the restrictions imposed upon the settlers limiting their westward movements infuriated them to rebel.
Were the colonists able to elect members to the House of Commons? No, the colonists were unable to elect members to the House of Commons.
Which slogan was used to show disapproval of taxation imposed by the English Parliament? “No taxation without representation” was the slogan used to show disapproval of taxation imposed by the English Parliament.
When did the American Revolution start and what year did it come to an end? The American Revolution lasted 1775.-1781.
Were hundreds of people killed in the Boston massacre? No, 5 or 6 people were killed in the Boston massacre.
What happened at the Boston Tea Party? The colonists dressed as American-Indians threw boxes of tea into the sea out of protest.
What provoked the so-called Boston Tea Party? The Boston Tea Party provoked a strongly negative reaction of the British who then inflicted colonists with an obligation to pay duty on English tea.
When was the Declaration of Independence adopted? The Declaration of Independence was adopted on 4th July 1776.
Which European country helped the colonists in their war against England? France was the country that helped colonists in their war against England.
After which battle did the House of Commons decide to end the war with American colonists? After the Battle of Yorktown (Virginia) in 1781. the House of Commons decided to end the war with the colonists.
When were the peace treaties between American colonies and England signed? The peace treaties between American...

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