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American History: Louisiana Essay

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America History

State: Louisiana

City: (New Orleans) presented By,

*Justice .s. Davis*

The people in Louisiana are very rich. They include the original Indian inhabitants, plus the descendants of a variety of settlers, among who were the French, Spanish, English, German, Acadians, West Indians, Africans, and Irish and now include almost every nationality on earth. The original French colonist were soon joined by the Spanish and Acadians, and later by the French aristocrats fleeing slave revolts in the West Indies or the horror of the French Revolution. As past of Louisiana’s French legacy countries are called “parishes” and the Napoleonic code (rather than common ...view middle of the document...

New Orleans and the surrounding territory controlled the mouth of the Mississippi River down which much of the produce of the Midwest traveled to reach the market. To the vital region in American hands, President Thomas Jefferson negotiated the Louisiana Purchase with Napoleon.
The Louisiana plantation culture first came into being along the States Rivers and bayous in the 18th century. Planters initially use the fertile soil for indigo and tobacco, but these crops were soon replaced by cotton in north Louisiana and sugar cane in the more tropical southern part of the state. Sugar and cotton made the great mansion possible, but the homes came from as many directions as did the planters themselves. The first house type was the Creole Raised Cottage, whose core design came from the West Indies.
Its great umbrella-like hipped roof came from Canada and its wide galleries and turned calottes (slender wooden columns) were developed in Louisiana still bears signs of efforts to make life in the new world das genteel and pleasant as possible. Many are surrounded by extensive formal gardens, and the approaches to some of the homes are lined with avenues of the live oaks that are now huge in their old age.
Cajun cooking may be a firsts cousin to the Creole cuisine of New Orleans, but there is none other quite like it in the world for the imagination of its dishes or the artistic robustness of its seasoning, favorite Cajuns dishes include jambalaya,...

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