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American Health Care Delivery System Essay

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American Health Care Delivery System
Angela Stewart

American Health Care Delivery System
America’s emergency rooms see this type of critical events as a daily occurrence. Often you will find that people will go to the emergency department for care because the ER cannot refuse to care for that come to be seen. If we look into the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act any person seeking care must receive assessment and immediate care for their ailment. Often the issue is financial, if a patient is seen at a doctor’s office co-pay or full payment is required at the time of service. With many Americans that do not carry medical insurance their ability to attend to the issue ...view middle of the document...

The primary physician should see the child on a regular basis to track and adjust medication levels in order to get the asthma under control. The inability of obtaining some type of medical coverage for the child is hard to put blame on a single person. There are programs available for low income families such as Medicaid, clinics that work with families on a sliding scale and other outreach programs that could assist this family. There are often ministries and other programs in which doctors will do the work pro bono, with some research she should be able to qualify and find a program to help.
Of course the patient should be seeing a regular doctor, but a doctor’s office is a business, that being said it must have some form of payment to treat the patients. The parent needs to look into all options of providing their child with medical coverage or seek assistance.
In America healthcare is a privilege not a right. No one is entitled to healthcare as it has always been a contention in our healthcare system. In some cases if parents are not working the government will pay for their healthcare and in others parents are working two jobs to cover medical expenses. We have seen where people strive to higher into a good company due to their health insurance plans; it has become a criteria when deciding upon a job. With Obamacare we are seeing laws change and a feeling of more equitable feeling about healthcare. The intention of the reform of insurance programs is to equalize healthcare. This may occur with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The purpose is to maintain health insurance for those that won’t purchase health insurance or they will face a penalty. There are arguments for both sides, yes we need something to control the amount of individuals who do not have health insurance and cause a strain on the health care system but we are also penalizing those that cannot afford the insurance in the first place.
These laws will also help with pre-existing conditions which has been an issue for individuals trying to obtain health insurance that have chronic problems. Most are scared they are uninsurable or could be dropped due to the condition. With the new law companies cannot drop individuals with pre-existing conditions which would leave them uninsured during their time of need. The same premiums would apply to each individual which makes those with pre-existing conditions easier to afford health insurance, although this does not include individuals who smoke (HR Policy Association).
In Title IV part of the patient protection act is the prevention of chronic disease. Some chronic diseases can be prevented such as type II diabetes, heart disease, lung cancer etc. These diseases could have been prevented by not smoking or weight loss and therefore are not covered (Healthcare, 2012).
Healthcare is not a right and has never been a right within the United States. It is a privilege that most people do not understand. Americans...

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