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American Foreign Policy

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The United States is also a country of great ethnic diversity and ethnic groups have actively influenced the making U.S foreign policy and it has an ever expanding nations, territorially, politically and economically (Richard Russell, 2000). In the history of the United States, the foreign policy has caused many disputes over the proper role in international affairs.
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Since its rise and global superpower, the United States of America has exercised its strength in a number of ways. Politically the United States is one of the leaders of the United Nations Organization which as its headquarters in New York City. Through the Untied Nation, America has exercised its influence and desire to export freedom and democracy thought the world through its leadership in such International disasters and calamities as earthquakes, families and other such things. It has also exerted its military strength both through United Nation’s authorized missions as well as unilateral international missions. For instance, the American military intervention in Korea in the 1950.
American Foreign Policy (1920-1961):
American Foreign Policy reinforced by their Catholicism, were particularly vocal over the fate and Poland. Furthermore, they also represented a large bloc of potential voters in a number of key industrial states. The domestic political background helps to explain why Stalin’s eventual consolidation of power in Poland was one of the important postwar developments during the late 1940s in hardening attitudes within the Truman administration and through society around the issue of anticommunism.
From 1920-1941 the United States foreign policy changed from being a strict isolation and neutrality policy to a more liberal policy because of the circumstances and tensions of the future world war two. This new change in the policy allowed America to help its allies and keep America safe from the totalitarian dictators of its time. In 1918 after the First World War ended, the United States created a foreign policy in which they stated that they weren’t going to help in any way any nation at war. Many of the reasons were because of the economic depression that was going on also, because the people of America didn’t want to go to war again. For a few years America tried to isolate itself from the rest of the world trying to ignore the fight leading up to World War Two.
The famed China lobby or Taiwan lobby gained great prominence during the cold war years and this issue is most important part of the American Foreign Policy (Peceny, Mark, 1999). The China lobby consisted of Nationalist Chinese officials and Americans, including government officials, Protestant missionaries, China watchers and journalists, American business leaders and broad coalition of diverse anticommunist groups, such as the American China Policy Association, the Committee to Defend America by Aiding Anti Communist China, and the Committee for one Million against the admission of Communist China into the United nations.
Back in the 1960’s, the United States faced several problems worldwide. The Cold War, the Vietnam War (or Conflict), and the Korean War, to name a few of the “hot topics.” The foreign policy at that time also reflected the events during that time: help anti-Communist countries, deflect Soviet influence. During that...

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