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American Express Case Essay

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Management Consulting & Strategic Communications

Can social media become a platform for social commerce?
American Express Case Study: Applying social media analytics to evaluate Link, Like, Love

American Express® launched several successful online initiatives that monetize the unique features of social media,
such as Location Services check-ins for discounts with Foursquare (Sync, Explore, Save) and discounts through
Facebook® (Link, Like, Love).
Here’s how the Facebook Link, Like, Love program works.
You link your American Express card to your Facebook
account. Then American Express delivers deals and offers
based on your Facebook activity, pages you like and share,
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As we examined the data on Link, Like, Love, we gained insights on the customer experience from acquisition to
retention, as well as brand advocacy. From these insights, we assembled a picture of the customer experience at each
major stage of the program.


Management Consulting & Strategic Communications

The path to Link, Like, Love… and beyond
The 5 stages of the “conversion funnel”


Content pushed to your newsfeed from friends
Facebook privacy concerns

Initial Usage

Security concerns when you LINK your card
Technical issues
Takes what you and friends LIKE
Shows you deals you LOVE
Customer experience

Repeat Usage

Targeted promotions
Expanded purchase options

Recommending service to network
Entice prospective cardmembers

Key themes
Overall, customer responses to Link, Like, Love in social media centered around the 5 key themes shown above in
the conversion funnel. Most customer comments were generated during the Registration and Usage stages.
• Privacy and Security Concerns (Facebook & American Express)
• Technical issues (Demand crashed the American Express system)
• News and discussion on American Express and its new innovation
(mostly positive retweets & shares), which also raised awareness.

Initial and Repeat Usage:
• Usage and Functionality (How does it work)
• Deals and Sharing (Enjoy benefits and share


Management Consulting & Strategic Communications

Initial Usage
Repeat Usage

American Express is creating awareness of Link, Like, Love through direct
promotion, and enrolled users help promote the program by sharing their Likes.

Promotion by American Express
On July 19, 2011, American Express
introduced the program with a post on
their main American Express Facebook
fan page.
This approach enabled deals to be seen
directly from the Facebook app where
users registered.

“Turn what you ‘Like’ into the deals &
experience you LOVE! Link, Like, Love
from American Express. Get American
Express deals and experiences based
on the things you and your friends
Like and Share”

Shares from your network
When your friends sign up, they have the option to LIKE both American Express and the Link, Like, Love campaign,
as well as share their participation in the program. This efficiently spreads awareness to others.

• Company promotion: American Express designed and executed programs to drive initial awareness.
• Exploiting social media networks: American Express increased program awareness through customers’ ability
to “like” the company and the Link, Like, Love program.
• PR and the public social media universe: Companies should be prepared to manage consumer response,
both on other social media sites and channels outside of social media.


Initial Usage
Repeat Usage

Once people are aware of...

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