American Democracy Or Democratic Government Essay

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American democracy

As the arrangement of events and dates have changed from Pre-Colonial into the 17th Century all the way to 21st Century, has democracy in the United States evolved into a democratic government, or a government that has forgotten the meaning behind the Declaration of Independence? First we need to look at the true meaning behind the word democracy and how democracy was laid out in our Constitution in (July 4, 1776).

People’s opinions on the word democracy vary from one to the next, others feel we are a silent republic instead of a democracy and some feel we are a democratic government only looking for world power. Democracy would be defined as a government ran by its people or elected representatives in a free nation without ruling from kings, and communist leaders. As you look at the word Democracy it is broken down into two parts “Demos” and “Kratia” making the words Demos Kratia. Demos holds the meaning (We the People) and ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand Democracy in a nation with millions of people living in it can become disordered and complex, but it is so imperative that we get the top candidate to represent the people, and that representative should be able to handle any unforeseen challenges to keep us moving forward.

Theory of a Democratic Government

The theory of a Democratic Government is complex and challenging issue that has no true answer. In a true Democratic Government each and every one that is able to vote in the United States would have the true right to vote on every issue in advance before it is set as a law, and would not need a representative in congress. The true negative to that theory is how we would get the majority of the millions of people on a daily, or weekly basis to vote on each and every law, not looking at how much it would cost and could we as people ever agree on anything without killing each other.

A report written by Judd Legum, on the Center for American progress action fund stated that even our former President Jimmy Carter thinks that the “United States Isn’t A Real Democracy Anymore” (Legum. J., 2015) Mr. Carter also stated that “United States campaign finance system is so broken that the country is no longer a functional democracy”. (Legum. J., 2015) It makes you think do we live under the ruling of a Democratic Government, or American democracy, or is it we truly are living the beginning our future communist leaders of America. Maybe the words “Communist leaders of America” is a strong way to describe life in a Democratic Government in today’s time but I am Shirley not opposed of calling it a silent dictatorship. (Time will tell)

Mr. Bobby L Porter
South University of Georgia
College of Arts & Sciences
Science Degree in Psychology - Clinical Psychology


Legum. J. (2015). a Wrong: Why Jimmy Carter Thinks The United States Isn’t A Real Democracy Anymore. Retrieved from Center for American progress action fund. Friday, July 31, 2015, from:

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