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Modern American and British houses may appear similar from the outside, just as an American may appear similar to an Englishman. But we cannot judge a house by its outside. American and British houses differ significantly in the amenities they offer, their size, and in the way they are constructed.Firstly, the modern British house typically has fewer amenities than American house. In the bedroom, the American uses walk-in closets to organize his ensemble and accommodate his shoe collection. Conversely, the Englishman uses a pine wardrobe, which moves with him from home to home. In the American bathroom, a shower is a standard feature that is quite uncommon in British house. The pressurized American shower is powerful and leaves a feeling of invigoration. In contrast the British shower has not enough power to leave ...view middle of the document...

These contrasting design makes the difference of living space. American houses have many rooms such as mud rooms, laundry rooms, dinning rooms, formal living rooms, and family rooms. British houses converge these areas into their common rooms. The hall is the mud room. The kitchen is the laundry room and dinning area. The formal living room and family room are combined. The American bedroom can usually accommodate a king-sized bed. In comparison, a British bedroom can be termed a double bedroom if a double bed can be squeezed in. The American house is larger, and it is also constructed differently.Thirdly, although British and American houses can appear similar, they are constructed with dissimilar techniques and materials. American house construction requires a lot of materials such as lumber, siding, and drywall, while British house construction requires cinder block, brick, and plaster. The modern American house is commonly framed with wood and nails, while the British house is structured with cinder block and mortar. Inside the house, American carpenters cover interior walls with drywall, whereas the English tradesman forms the interior walls with successive layers of plaster. American and English roofing materials differ too. The roof of the American house is weatherproofed with shingles, while the British roof is sheltered with terra cotta tiles.In conclusion, American and British houses can be similar in appearance, but they are different in comparison. Although economies certainly affect house design, it is the culture that has the greatest impact. American is one of the most demanding countries in the world, their houses are amenity rich houses. The English are regarded as conservative and polite, their houses are compact and efficient. Modern American and British house construction is a reflection of people who design them. Although they may look similar, they are noting alike when you get to know them.

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